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  1. u mean i cant show the codes of a compiled script? and how can i compile a script?
  2. Hello everyone,sometime when i download a resource from the community (Script),and try to open Lua files to learn from them because i'm a beginner i see LuaQ,then a lot of weird symbols, That means they're protected or what? And if yes,how can i protect my scripts? and is there anyway that i can access the code?
  3. Hello all,Why the https://community.multitheftauto.com/ isn't working? Thanks
  4. Z-Dash

    [ALC Groups.

    Hey everyone,Is this a correct method of using "or"? if getPlayerAccount and not isGuestAccount( getPlayerAccount ) then if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user.".. getAccountName( getPlayerAccount ), aclGetGroup ( "Elite" or "Admin" or "Moderator" or "Law" ) ) then
  5. how can i make the access for 2 ACL Groups?
  6. Hey all,i need help with the freeroam GUI "F1" how can I disable the jetpack,that means if a player used J or clicked JetPack from F1 he gets an error message? like an outputChatBox"the JetPack is only for Elite players!" Thank you
  7. Z-Dash


    No,they are needed,Because if the file is not there there will be no collision just DFF and TXD SOLVED
  8. Z-Dash


    UP,Please help me
  9. I don't know,but thats what i got.. And can u check this topic Please? http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=63004&p=599385#p599385
  10. i got this createObject ( 4802, akina01, 0, 797.989, -899.052, 99.527, 1 ) And PosX is Bad,right?
  11. Hello all,i was making an Akina script,but i did not know what should i do with the IPL File Please help!
  12. Hello everyone,I'm here to ask about better Hosting between these two Sane Hosting Or Zonex Servers And the BEST Hosting location too. I really need help,thank you!
  13. Hello,My small cient sided script isn't working script job:Air Force team can enter vehicles other teams cant.. function AFVeh(thePlayer) if getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(getLocalPlayer())) =~ "Air Force" then outputChatBox("This vehicle is for the Air Force Team!", 0, 100, 0 ) cancelEvent() end end end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), AFVeh)
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