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  1. Kawich


    After a discussion with zZenom from SAES on e-mail, I removed SARL, and Dannie from SAES, what son of a bitch? Because I need a scritper? Well, close this topic someone - please.
  2. Kawich


    So because it's a nulled version, you know 100% that I wouldn't pay a scripter? Oh my dear. You haven't never downloaded some music, or other things - illegally, and then going down to an growsery, buying some juice, and the owner says: Wait, have you downloaded something illegally? And if you say yes, you can't pay. I don't think so. I'm gonna make an 100% safe deal, with the scripter. 50% of the scripts, 50% of the money. Then the other 50% from both sides. And I am going to pay for IP:Board - actually when I got my salary this wednesday.
  3. Hey all, I would like to make a request for an scandinavian section here at forums. We are four countrys, but three of us can understand eachother very well. Countrys: Denmark Norway Sweden Finland. Denmark, Norway and Sweden can understand eachother very well - it is almost the same language. Then Finlan could have its own section, Finnish section, or something - what about that idea? Why the Scandinavian section should be created: The Scandinavian section should be created, because I see many danish, swedish and norwegian people here at the forums, We can of course understand each
  4. Kawich


    That would be great, PM me your MSN adress
  5. Kawich


    Well, my has been up for about a month and a half now. But just started our website 1 week ago. And the server has been purchased today, and meanwhile we have been on a dedicated one, where we builded the whole city for new. So donno. But please on topic now
  6. Kawich


    I have researched and researched for the tag, if there was anything that names San Andreas Real Life, and nope. No servers, no websites, nothing. So maybe the tag you saw, where OLD. Back to topic again, please.
  7. Kawich


    Yeah, i posted a fail, in demand - depends. But, as i said, it depends. So if the scripter wants $1000000 i say no! It's need to be a fair amount of $/£/or whatever the money is.
  8. Kawich


    And I replied: It depends on how much the scripter wants.
  9. Kawich


    Thats depends how much the scripter wanna have
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