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  1. /me sits in awe. God hes got alot of time on his hands, i had to scroll down for ages jus to get to the end of that post. Also i had a qucik look over ur long list of writing and at the bottom i see no spec for connection... whats ur connection, if it is in the middle sumwher im sorry but i jus aint gonna sit here readin all that lmao
  2. Also i think its best to get rid of the cars, have everthing default, do a clean install of GTA3 for best results
  3. Has neva happened to me but i always join Diablo now cos i dont want it to, i love mafia 2 There ded near to my belovid dodo
  4. Kent... Curiosity, how long we expected to wait for this next version, no rushing or anything jus wondering how long till i get to play it
  5. OMG the MTA team are dumb lmao . UR SUIN EM NOT ME !!!. you can have 100% cos ur the ones doin the work .... Well no u cant have 100% u can have 50%... 50% for me cos i come up with the idea
  6. Yer true i suppose my bad, sowwy all . Back on topic then people. I was playing before and i crashed into a dodge vipe, the banshe things and it flew... and i mean FLEW, it went so so high, then it hit a wall and drove up it then it flew off into the sky, it just kept on flying like Superman ... Was this jus some crazy arse lag or some cheats ??
  7. ... So in other words Nope its not possible lol I thought it wudnt be, i mean come on a level full of 100's of peds walking around all with high AI.... it just aint gonna happen now is it
  8. Wo33eR

    STOP IT!

    Well how the hell do u cann having a rocket launcher not cheating... u mad lmao
  9. .... Why didnt u jus delete it, Pah never mind anyhow i recommend u go look about on the forum cos there is shit loads of topics and posts about run time errors, please before u want help it is at least respectfull to go do at least a LITTLE research
  10. ... How can you of done everything here if u didnt even have or even kno wot ASE is , thats like pretty much everything
  11. .... Ok does that mean i can advertise for somebody to send me a gta.exe file to wo33er@hotmail.com without anyone minding ??
  12. Wo33eR

    a question

    18 player server..... Where u find that iv neva seen one with more than 10 people on it. P.S me drools ova though of Twix
  13. w00t w00t i notice i do at least 31 posts per day on average, how ownage is that i bet no1 can beat it ... But im gonna slow down now, i have the record
  14. I think because wer the helpfull d00ds on the forum , There are two sorts of people on forums. #1. The people who post often and are kind and helpfull #2. The n00bs who know fuck all, annoy everyone N dont read any manuals or FAQ's.... ... Which do u want to be, im number 1 ... (Take away the kind part).
  15. No No No we got the wrong idea, i didnt mean me, i ment u guys, they didnt steal anything off me but they stole ur tag and ur name... GO GO GO big money. !
  16. My Teamspeak one is kinda good, people like that . This map one is okay, i bet some servers will do custom maps eventualy. My ingame chat FPS keys Y and U is a good idea And my idea to go request help off the GTA3 real team was another one. So there not all bad ... Jus a bit out of reach
  17. Hmm the guy who recommended ASE being able to do it, thats a great idea if they can do that... I doubt they wud for a small mod such as MTA. Lauching the program is easy for the users to do we just need the servers to get running both a game server and a chat server and wer sorted... IV bin tryin a few servers and none are running any
  18. Yer i suppose it was just a cool idea . i think GTA3 online with the normal maps wud own but at the moment it looks bloody hard to do, im just trying to help out in the only way i know how... hundreds of stupid suggestions
  19. Wo33eR

    STOP IT!

    lob a rpg.... whats a RPG ??. If its a grenade which i am guessing then that is cheating.... The only way to get police with no cheating is to fly a DODO onto the roof and kill them with ur uzi... Or if u kill the actual MTA players enough times fast enough the stars come slowly
  20. Pah im from Manchester, i aint really the 'Geek' type so im not actually bothered about my spelling and grammer, it really dosnt matter as long as i post and normal people can read it who cares tbh... Also its not sodding Wobber, its WoZZer if u must know. In real life when somebody uses grafiti on a wall there Z's are usually in the 3 shape... that is why im called Wo33eR cos its my grafiti name Also for my bad english if you mean by that stuff like 'ur', 'u', 'wot'... and so on, i use them cos i dont have the time to sitting here making sure all my writing is perfect.. its called fast hand, its wot people do in text massages and stuff... But u have to talk to people on other stuff than a forum to know that obviously . Ok ill be good now moderator. So will cops and Peds be active in the next verrsion and if not... What version ? and are u sure it is possible
  21. Kool cheers everyone i was wondering how to play SP too now but its so obvious my head wudnt of notice
  22. Hmm yes i agree with that... But i also agree with the stuntpark thing... see the background for this forum, i thought MTA wud have a section like that in it... Is there a way u cud make another little island that u wud get to by bridge or DoDo ! that has a little fun stuntpark ???. That would own so much
  23. Im sure i did a topic IDENTICAL to this one a few days ago... cant remember wot i named it 'In-Game CHAT IS OUT' or sumthin like that, there is people on there who agree with the idea so lets do it. P.S Nice monkey island avatar
  24. Hmmm im scared, there is no way a 30min change can fix the MAJOR !!!!! lag from MTA.. Can it ??, u tested it yet ??
  25. .. What the hell are you on about, my english is perfectly fine.... Ur just fuckin brain dead lmao, Wot u want me to do Sing u a song... Draw u a picture ??. Syned is a process of making what you are seeing on your computer monitor... The same that the other users are seeing on theirs. ^^^ That is a simple-ton as i can put it, WOT MORE DO U WANT !!!!!.
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