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    NONE i love playing games
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    I love playing gta sa servers i am trying to find out where to download the gta iv torrent that is safe i been on piratebay and i dont know which one to truch if you can help me just send me a link to the torrent thanks

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  1. stefanwynn

    music on server

    how do i add music to my server please?
  2. stefanwynn


    yh i did but its only on lan and not browser i want it on browser i put the thing i left it blank and i started the server and its only on lan can you go on team veiwer please i really get confused when it comes to all this stuff please
  3. stefanwynn


    ok i went on my routor by putting my ip adreas in the url and i made so the firewall is turned off to the 22003,22126 utd or somthing and 22005 tpd or somthing lol and i put the puplic ip i get from it and go on to mtaserver.conf and paste the ip in and i save it and start mta server and it says [18:46:45] ERROR: Could not start HTTP server on interface '' and port '22005'! [18:46:45] Server stopped! [18:46:45] Closing SQLite3 database Press Q to shut down the server! please help me i tried using portforward but im soo confused can somone please use team viewer to help m
  4. stefanwynn

    2 things

    ok i need help with 2 things which are.... 1) = how do i put my server in the browser its on lan atm i dont want to use www.portforward.com because after i find my routor on it and then download the program i dont got a clue what to do after is there a way to make it on browser than using the www.portward.com?? like going putting my ip adreas in the url and adding like mta on my routor ?? please i need an answer for this. 2) ok how do i open like a npc recording thing i got a sa-mp server and i downloaded a gamemode and it had npcmovments and in the file is like videos of them but there all
  5. Hello fello MTA Players, My idea is that when you download the MTA you get the server pack thing right? well why not make like when you run the server it will have a stunt map roleplay map and DM map, map or resource i can't tell the diffrence basicly i mean map = stunt map with all stunts in game ok and you can choose which one to use and all commands all scripts work and all you need to do is make it puplic if you want to expand it its much easeir and faster and a good way to get dummys like me to make a server i hope you will all write good comments thanks..
  6. stefanwynn


    Hi guys can somone please send me a link to download img tool so i can use mod skins please and also send me a link to a video on how to use the img tool for dummys lol thanks...
  7. stefanwynn

    host game`

    ok guys if i run mta and run the host game one will people see it on the internet? and my server now which i got from mta/servers i tried to make it on internet but im soo confused could someone plese make a video tutorial please im clueless when it comes to this
  8. Can somone please send me a link for a resource that is like a zombie map or a stunt map which has stunts in all of SA please eatheir the zombie one or the stunt one this is because i am well the only way to put this is that i am shit at making maps on map editor lol sorry for swearing thanks.
  9. stefanwynn

    help plss

    how do i make my self admin? evertime i type /start on my server is says somthing about not allowd or somthing so how do i become the admin ?
  10. HELLO EVERYONE My name i stefan, and im basicly what you would call a retard at servers lol (im not acually a retard 0_o) ok i know how to use map editor but i dont know how to make a race map i dont know how to put like a marker somewhere and i will spawn where it is i got no clue and i dont know how to make a marker when i go through it will spawn me a car or bike i got no clue how to do it and i dont know how to make it so there is a finish line i can put checkpoints but i dont know how to put a finish line if anyone can help me by sending me a video tuteriol or a step by step guide plea
  11. stefanwynn

    help plss

    how do i put my map i made with the MTA Map editor on my server??
  12. where do i download gta 3 or if somone can tell me where to download gta iv torrent by sending me a link it would be really great i been looking to download it but i dont know which ones to trust please send me a link that takes me directly to the torrent for gta iv or gta 3
  13. stefanwynn

    help me please

    what i dont understand what you mean ?
  14. stefanwynn

    help me please

    Ok guys, I am here talking to you all becuase i am fairly new to the MTA and i have made a map using map aiditer and i found out how to use the server thing that came with MTA now i really want to know how to put my map i made into my server please tell me ALSO..... when i go on some servers %50 that my MTA crashes and closes it down why does it do this on some servers it never crashes and when im on my map editer and i want to test my map and i choose the "race gamemode it will show up like its loading it all up but then somthing pops up saying like 0000f0x0 or somthing and closes it
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