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  1. Code is stable and working perfectly. Thank you. And also, we know that a live support thingy isn't unique, never said that. We made it to be able to create the best player environment possible on our server. @seb, police system is already done, we're only tweaking the server to make it fit all players.
  2. Wait... I'm ruining my own topic? Oh wow... Again, who said it was special? Just wanted some feedback, thats all...
  3. How cool? Who said it was special? Just posted it here to get some feedback. Btw keep your dog Dwayne in leash, he's got a heavy ban foot and a childish reason.
  4. Okay so, our lovely scripter just made a Live Support system... Reply and tell me what you think! Link to bigger image: http://puu.sh/vvbr
  5. Razerclaus


    I am sorry to inform you that the project has stopped for now. We will continue as soon as possible.
  6. Because its a RP server and I need the helmet/tint stuff on it... Like if you wear a helmet it doesn't show your name, just shows like: Helmet
  7. Hi, I got some problems with my nametag system... The problem is that health and armor is being showed, but not name and ID... could anyone try to help me, please? local localPlayer = getLocalPlayer() local show = true function startRes() for key, value in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do setPlayerNametagShowing(value, false) end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), startRes) local playerhp = { } local lasthp = { } local playerarmor = { } local lastarmor = { } function playerQuit() if (getElementType(source
  8. Razerclaus


    At the moment since I am too tired to fix anything for the server(untill tomorrow...) I just got bored and made some shitty flash/html project.... http://arc.freeiz.com/ There we go
  9. Razerclaus


    Given then one of the people that's with this server has LulzSec in his gang, i'd say thats a clear wannabe 1337-haxx0r. another name would be more suited then this. Y'all don't know nuthin' bout' Anonymous and LulzSec. Anonymous is not a group, nor is it a hacker group. Everyone can be Anonymous. Even a mentally disordered person can. You don't have to be a 'hacker' or a 'wannabe 1337-haxx0r'. And for sake. Stop posting non-sense. Ya'll just jealous. [Gonna upload a pic here soon, gotta find a suitable one kids, else will x86 pm me again] Ohh, found one! Now fu: LOOOOOOOOO
  10. Razerclaus


    Thank you everyone, you are also welcome ingame when we launch it.
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