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  1. This *might* be related to our server. Sometimes there is a mass crash when a big event such as the drugship starts, please try to reproduce it on a different server.
  2. Please add an option to ban annoying trolls. That'd be awesome.
  3. I banned somebody after breaking multiple rules, he made this post: http://i.imgur.com/BrLea.png I then told him I was glad to be of assistance. A few days later he made a new appeal lieing about every detail. I saw he was the one that made said above post and said "Sorry. Please report this to the MTA center". It was ment for shits n giggles, nothing more.
  4. This was a great day indeed, I was never expecting the playercount to go this high!
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/?g2lkf06ycrybx59 I was flying arround with my jetpack just north of LS, there was nobody on my radar right next to me.
  6. we looked into getting a physical firewall at our host (OVH) but that was a 150-pound setup fee and then 20 monthly recurring ; not exactly something anyone is willing to spend just becouse some kid is annoying.
  7. meDennis


    as far as I know none of them got "hacked". this was posted by on the CIT website: I spoke to zZenom from SAES and he told me they were also being ddosed. I heard Valhallah went down aswell but I am unsure if that's related to the problem here.
  8. I can assure you that Peacemaker is NOT a CIT member. Once I found out what his serial was he was banned by our staff so he does not even play on our server, he is just pretending to be one and is causing flame wars between SANL and CIT.
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