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  1. i accept JR10 his good and know english
  2. AHSS

    Shader Tutorial

    Anyone knows any good shader tutorial? Maybe a book? Thanks.
  3. the problem is my country aren't supported by paypal some gameserver hosts supports payment methods like AlertPay that i can use
  4. Let's say a 100 players? I can't buy a dedi because i can't use paypal. but i found several gameservers hosts supports other payment methods.
  5. I want to make an RPG server, assuming it succeeded, and we have like 300(will never happen, just assuming). And i have a gameserver host, will it crash or lag or anything? Tell me please.
  6. AHSS


    I'm talking about GUI not dx.
  7. AHSS


    What? I don't understand. Simply, Is there a way to fit a gui ( not just in the middle of the screen ) on all resolutions?
  8. AHSS


    I made a gui-label. No parent, with relative values. It fits perfect on my screen 1440x900. I made it on that resolution. Now someone with resolution 800x600 Will not see it the same. I know guiGetScreenSize. I know screenX / 2 - windowX / 2 But I don't want it in the middle, I want it somewhere else, on the screen, fits on all resolutions.
  9. AHSS


    All of my scripts are encoded in ANSI (didn't change it). I compiled it, then this error comes: "script path"[type] is encoded in ANSI instead of UTF-8. Please convert your file to UTF-8. UTF-8 is not supported by luac, UTF-8 without BOM is supported by luac, but not by MTA. So, IDK what to do, how to stop that. Another thing, can I use upgrade on a compiled script? thanks in advance.
  10. If there is an official one, it will be updated, just like the map editor. It would be very useful.
  11. Every one will agree with me on, that if the "guieditor" and the "QTToLua" didn't exist. Making GUIs would be horrible, creating a good looking gui, would be hard, and you need to bind /restart resourceName And keep editing it, until you get what you want, so what I'm suggesting is an Official GUI Creator/Editor. Just like the Map Editor. You can create the GUI, and get the code. I know that it's hard work, and you ( MTA Team ), are busy. But it would help every one, to have official gui editor.
  12. How did you turn GTA SA music off?
  13. With what program you capture the videos?
  14. AHSS

    Creating GUI

    Hi, Post how you create your GUI Because I want to know what is the best way of Creating GUI. Thanks.
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