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  1. MIKI785

    [HELP] getVehicleComponents() bug?

    I don't know, maybe it has something to do with sync? Try putting it in a timer to have it execute with a bit of a delay after creating the vehicle.
  2. MIKI785

    [HELP] Why not working this script?

    But you have it under if rank >= 2 then, so how can that work? Isn't it supposed to be for the first player? Ie. rank 1? There's another case where that event is triggered, so try it there: function DestructionDerby:handleFinishActivePlayer(player) local timePassed = self:getTimePassed() local rank = self:getPlayerRank(player) if rank >= 2 then triggerClientEvent("winnerMessage",resourceRoot,"Winner!!!", getPlayerNametagText(player)) triggerEvent("plusz1", player) end finishActivePlayer(player) if rank and rank > 1 then triggerEvent( "onPlayerFinishDD",player,tonumber( rank ) ) end local activePlayers = getActivePlayers() triggerEvent("onPlayerDeadInRace",getRootElement(),rank,player) if #activePlayers == 1 then if (not isMapDM()) then if getResourceState( getResourceFromName( "podium" )) ~= "running" then triggerClientEvent("winnerMessage",resourceRoot,"Winner!!!", getPlayerNametagText(activePlayers[1])) triggerEvent("plusz1", activePlayers[1]) --Here else triggerClientEvent("winnerMessage",resourceRoot,"","") setElementHealth(activePlayers[1],0) end end if getElementModel(getPedOccupiedVehicle(activePlayers[1])) == 425 then setElementHealth(activePlayers[1],0) end triggerEvent( "onPlayerWinDD",activePlayers[1] ) end end´╗┐
  3. MIKI785

    [HELP] Why not working this script?

    Put it wherever winnerMessage is, since that knows who the player is as it supplies the player's name.
  4. MIKI785

    [HELP] Why not working this script?

    It's just wrong, I suppose that winnerMessage gets triggered for everyone, right? So then everyone triggers plusz1, you're checking for getPlayerRank but I can't see how does that work. But it makes no sense to go from server to client and then back to the server.. you should add the points and money wherever winnerMessage is initially triggered.
  5. MIKI785

    MTA Server MySQL problem ZeroMTA

    This is a script related issue, nothing to do with the server itself. You should have posted this here: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/71-scripting/
  6. MIKI785

    [HELP] getVehicleComponents() bug?

    So this function is triggered by an event? Because that works fine for me... Code i've used: Server: addCommandHandler("gvc", function (player) triggerClientEvent(player, "onClientGetVehicleComp", player, getPedOccupiedVehicle(player)) end) Client: addEvent("onClientGetVehicleComp", true) addEventHandler("onClientGetVehicleComp", localPlayer, function (veh) outputChatBox(tostring(getElementModel(veh))) local getComponent = getVehicleComponents(veh) if veh then for k in pairs(getComponent) do outputChatBox(k) end end end)
  7. MIKI785

    Sensitive dxCreateShader (peds)

    How do you apply the shader?
  8. MIKI785

    GTASA doesnt found by program

    It did find it but it is modified. Maybe try a clean version of the game?
  9. MIKI785

    Save texture to a file

    Yes, use dxGetTexturePixels on s and then dxConvertPixels to get png/jpg data and then save it using for example fileWrite.
  10. MIKI785

    Plate Vehicle

    No, that's not what this section is intended for. You're supposed to try it, post your code if it doesn't work, describe what's wrong and then we can try and help you with it. You won't learn otherwise if you just copy & paste.
  11. MIKI785

    Plate Vehicle

    So you don't want it as a command but have it called upon a click instead? See onClientClick for that.
  12. MIKI785

    questions about creating lobby system

    You cant use loadMapData for this, its more complicated than that. loadMapData loads a map file onto the server, meaning that indeed all players will get those elements. You have to do this client sided, you have to make your own client sided version of 'loadMapData'.
  13. MIKI785

    protect local html files

  14. MIKI785

    /me script

    That's to remove the command. There is no script for it as it is hard-coded into mta server.
  15. Well... source is root, you can't possibly get the position of the root element, has to be an entity, The other thing is that channelTable[channelTable[path]] evaluates to nil, can't see any of those variables anywhere in your snippet.