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  1. local scale = {(sX/1920) * (sY/1080)}/2 You're making a table here, isn't it supposed to be regular brackets here? local scale = ((sX/1920) * (sY/1080))/2
  2. You can replace any texture with shaders and you are not limited by IDs here. That applies to all elements, not only vehicles. But yeah, models are limited.
  3. Where are team and colour defined?
  4. Maybe it's a compiled script? That sometimes messes up the debug output, but usually it's only the line number that is missing, not the resource name (at least in my case).
  5. MIKI785

    Discord Webhook

    400 is a Bad Request. So maybe the webhook expects JSON? Most APIs do. But even if form data is accepted, you're passing a table as the form data, but it's supposed to be a string. See fetchRemote.
  6. Well, guiSetFont works for any GUI element, it's not limited to labels, so you can try that. But I really don't know if it will work.
  7. I think the problem is that the font size used by the actual input boxes (that you have hidden) is smaller than that of the labels used to show the input. So the text width doesn't match.
  8. Well, first of all, Ubuntu 16 is an old version (albeit still in support), you should use 18.04 if you want a newer LTS version. Now to answer your question, you have two options: The first option is to shutdown the server by using the 'shutdown' command inside the server console. If you used the 'screen' program mentioned in the tutorial you linked, you first have to re-attach the mtasa console by running 'screen -r mtasa'. After the server is off, you can edit the ACL and then start the server again after you're done. If you edit the ACL while the server is running, it will get overwritten upon shutdown. The second option is to use the 'reloadacl' command. Simply edit the ACL while the server is running, re-attach the server console as described above and execute the 'reloadacl' command in the server console. No server restart is needed here.
  9. You can use SFTP and connect to the VPS using the same credentials as you use for SSH (WinSCP is a nice SFTP client you can use). Navigate to wherever your mta server is and put the resources under mods/deahtmatch/resources/, either as a .zip or a regular directory. Then run the 'refresh' command either in the server console or in-game (you have to be logged in with an account with sufficient permissions). The new resources should load and you can then start them using the 'start' command. You can find a list of built-in server commands here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Server_Commands.
  10. MIKI785

    wanted level

    Or you could use a shader to replace the wanted star icons, that would allow you to keep using the built-in functions while displaying a custom icon.
  11. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:Admin
  12. Isn't using these better? toggleVehicleRespawn setVehicleRespawnDelay setVehicleIdleRespawnDelay
  13. See this: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Element_tree The root element contains every single element present on the server (or each client if used clientside). Resource root element contains every element under that resource, so if the resource creates an object using createObject, it will be contained within the resource root but also within the root element (as that contains all the resources). It's like XML.
  14. As far as I know, the (default) order in which the servers are shown in the server list is based on the server's age. Older servers are above newer ones. If the server is offline for some time (don't know how long, a few days) or the IP changes then its position gets reset. That's my understanding at least.
  15. I have used this before myself and it did work wihout any problems. What values are you putting in?