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  1. [Help] SQL

    I suppose you use dbQuery, so: _dbQuery = dbQuery --store the original func function dbQuery (connection, ...) local arg = {...} if not connection then connectionGlobal = dbConnect() --fill it in and change connectionGlobal to wherever you store the connection connection = connectionGlobal end _dbQuery(connection, unpack(arg)) end Note that this won't work if you use callbacks in dbQuery as it expects the first argument to be the connection. Also, didn't test this.
  2. [Help] SQL

    Yes, or if you do a lot of queries, then make your own query function and stick the condition in there so you don't have to repeat the same thing everywhere.
  3. [Help] SQL

    The connection could have timed out. If there is no query for some time period (usually around 20-30 minutes) then the (My)SQL server closes the connection.
  4. DGS Close Problem

    Did you even try it? That event should get triggered onClose, doesn't say how so it should work when clicking the X.
  5. Tables

    Overwriting table like this is not a good idea, there may not be table functions in your code but there could be some in other parts of the script that is not shown here and since you are doing this as a global, it will affect other files within the resource as well.
  6. What is the default login system?

    Not entirely true, MTA server only includes the login command. register is actually provided by the admin resource.
  7. Helicopters' speed

    Handling would be the first thing to try but if it doesn't help you could try boosting the speed using this: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetElementSpeed. That may not be the best solution though.
  8. Lag while spectating players

    Does the GUI really flash like that or is it only the recording? Because if you've got errors in onClientRender it may cause lags.
  9. BASS ERROR 2 in LoadMedia

    From what I've gathered it's just a vague message saying 'Can't open file'. Why? I don't know.. is the file really there? Is it declared in meta? Maybe it's a formatting issue, try a different file or a different format (like .ogg).
  10. Passing meta settings XML to client

    I personally would use setElementData for this, simply save the resource settings as element data to 'resource' (predefined variable) and then you can use the same element on the client to access these data. No need to use events in this case. You may have to use resourceRoot, I'm not sure which one is correct in this case.
  11. "only GTA:SA version 1.0 is supported!

    There is a topic for this right in this section.. https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/11757-patching-your-101-or-200-version-of-gta_saexe/
  12. disable /showchat comand

    showchat is a client command, you can't disable it.
  13. Help Me Please

    The process is described here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Server_Manual.
  14. Custom Client

    This isn't the correct place to ask this, this section is for Lua scripting, you're talking about MTA's code itself (c++). Try here instead: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/107-open-source-contributors/
  15. timer help

    You will never learn by simply copy-pasting. If you keep going on like that you will keep posting here every little issue you may have. It's really simple, player uses a command, you get the current tick using getTickCount, compare this with the tick that was saved in the user's account previously, if it's bigger, let the function execute and save the current tick + whatever the limit into the player's account.