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  1. You don't get it either.. the server returns HTTP error 417, it has nothing to do with the code.
  2. Spawn points

    That repeat loop makes no sense, you're not repeating anything and it will always pass the first time.. so It's like it's not even there. I don't see anything wrong the the spawn function, so just use this instead: function FreeroamRespawn(player) if not isElement(player) then return end local element = getElementParent(player) if getElementData(player, "state") ~= "Waiting" then return end spawn(player) fadeCamera(player, true) setCameraTarget(player, player) showChat(player, true) toggleAllControls(player, true, true, true) end
  3. UI in CEF

    I don't understand what you mean.. you can load any files in the resource directory (let it be HTML, CSS, JS, Images...) as long as they are in there (<file> in meta) and the browser is set to be local. Refer to this: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Local_Scheme_Handler
  4. bindKey, unbindKey, isKeyBound

    There's nothing wrong with those functions, you're binding it to a command, not a function.
  5. You don't say, that's very helpful indeed.
  6. Hello, I've got a problem, when I'm trying to use the mta's lua compiler (the luac_mta.exe one) it gives me this error: luac: ERROR Problem contacting verification server (The requested URL returned error: 417 Expectation failed) i've no idea what to do.
  7. It doesn't matter which one I use, they're all awful like this.
  8. [Question] Gridlists

    Nope, the last edit was back in 2015 It doesn't matter, what matters is that it works now.
  9. [Question] Gridlists

    The code on the wiki is fine actually, you added some extra bits that stopped it from working, you added conditions that could never pass.
  10. Connection Problem

    Do other servers work for you?
  11. [Question] Gridlists

    You said that you took it directly from the wiki, but I don't see such an example there, there are similar ones, but none exactly like what you have. Anyway, the problem is that onClientGUIClick only supports 'up' state (says so on the wiki). So in the second version (the one with the 'gui == true' removed, cause that's nonsense as well) change "down" to "up" and it should work then.
  12. Delete object model

    So you want to remove them from GTA itself? If so then this isn't the right place to ask, I don't know how to do that. I'm sure it's possible somehow though, but if you do that then you may not be able to play on many public servers or it's possible that MTA simply ignores your edited files so you won't see any change when playing MTA.
  13. Lenght text in edibox

    Not true, # can be used to get the length of a string as well. So #guiGetText(editBox) should be good enough. But either way it works the same way.. you got an error because you were trying to get the length of the edit box itself (userdata value).
  14. [Question] Account data and teams

    It really doesn't show any errors/warnings? Because you can't possibly store elements (ie. teams) in account data. However, you could store the team name and then use getTeamFromName to set the team.
  15. [HELP] Web Scoreboard

    I guess there is a httpRequestLogin somewhere in the scoreboard, look for that and comment it out, restart the resource and see what that does.