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  1. Rate My Mapping Skillz ( Luxury Appartment )

    It looks nice and open for an over crowded party Btw, you guys could use the rating system on the topic.
  2. MTA 0.1 or MTA 0.2 source code?

    Honestly I there's a really slim chance on you finding that. Check this out tho:
  3. open wibseat for server

    Sorry I don't get the question... And you're asking this in the wrong section.
  4. Project Beast - Login Panel Revelation

    I enjoyed the little intro to the server but you always got to think about how returning users are going to be waiting long for them to get back into the game.
  5. What is missing from the MTA SA?

    There's so much things I had planned for MTA until I became an adult and went to college then need to work now... Hopefully I have time one day to accomplish everything I want to finish up.

    Guess I went into the wrong game mode field then cause I thought Storymode was going to get a chance.
  7. Is MTA using proxy?

    Yea I was somewhat questioning the same thing until I just played MTA again and forgot about it. Enjoy yourself, MTA is always trying to get away from Windows difficult lifestyle.
  8. Everyone is leaving when I put a mod to download!

    Well in general no one likes long loads. What's the file size for the mod?
  9. MTA community on Discord

    It looks promising so far, I'd give it a shot.
  10. Online GUI-Editor

    Hm, I'm thinking if it's a scripting issue, I'll keep you guys posted on when to try it out or not.
  11. Online GUI-Editor

    Thanks but I think a web version would be easy to work with and require no space on your hd.
  12. Online GUI-Editor

    Can you provide a screenshot? Here's how it's suppose to look:
  13. How to fix bug in this script?

    More like this: addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor.button[1], GUIEditor.tab[1], false)
  14. New object

    I'm not 100% sure what's the difference between SAMP objects and MTA objects but even if SAMP has more objects or whatever than us, we'll gain more within a few months time.
  15. draw video

    If I remember right that @Solidsnake14 created an animated working GIF either through a simple script or a resource.