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  1. Thanks now I am waiting for a developer from the team to reply on this, if possible. Will this be implemented for normal chatbox? Or have you considered before?
  2. Hi thanks for replying but are you sure It s arrow up key to get the last written command? Not page up right? If so, what is wrong with my client?
  3. Hello guys, While I am happy that chatbox got rid of that background, chatbox texts have only shadow, not an outline like in SA-MP. That makes text unreadeble if background has the same color. What do you think about this? And SA-MP-s anti alias is better. The more important thing is: In the chatbox typing area we cannot use cut copy paste and arrow keys. So if I wrote a wrong letter in the beginning of a long sentence, I have to delete it all. In SA-MP It can be easily done with two or three keys. Also, we cannot use "up" key to bring previous commands we typed. I am tired of writing all t
  4. Yes Snake, it follows. It should be removed from Wiki. Wiki is clearly wrong. I just switched from sa-mp but I am dissapointed because of many wiki mistakes. I hope they will get corrected soon.
  5. Thanks solidsnake14, I want to spec someone. setCameraTarget(playerSource, getPlayerFromName("Example")) This works fine and I can spec the target person. However: 1. MTA wiki states that, setCameraTarget function places the camera "facing" the player, not from behind. And it says you should call this one more time with a timer to place it "behind" the player. 2. When I try this to spec someone, it places directly behind player without any timer or a second call of this func. I need clearification on this. If this function works correctly, why is a timer or a second call needed? (for pla
  6. Citizen thank you very much but it confused me more acutally. CowTurbe code is like: setCameraTarget(playerSource, getPlayerFromName("Blabla")) When I use that to spec someone, I get the result I want (Sa-mp SetCameraBehindPlayer equiv., default camera from behind) It works fine. But what about timers? And when we need to use them? I want to make sure that I am not missing anything. Thanks again.
  7. Hello all, It is said that I have to use timer with this to correctly place the camera at ped's back. But I use only this command with noting else, and it works fine by placing the camera back. Can someone tell why is it so? This bug fixed? Thanks.
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