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  1. Yep. That will definitely work. NOT. But what do I know about multigamemodes anyway...
  2. There are other things that are more urgent: - Server browser needs default ordering set to player count descending. Chances are that new players will like already popular servers more than some random ones that pop up first. Let players be the judges. - Quick connect needs to be removed. It really does nothing useful, its functionality is redundant and it is confusing to new players. In fact, I have never used it, and still don't get why it is #1 option in main menu. Your suggestion wouldn't work well for players. New players should be directed to the best servers, not the ones that pay mo
  3. The nightly version you posted indeed works. Thank you. However, I can't change any video settings, because after doing that MTA doesn't start again. MTADiag seemed to have updated MTA to latest nightly, causing it not to work.
  4. Hey, I installed GTA and MTA with wineskin following this tutorial viewtopic.php?f=15&t=43877 and I also tried PlayOnMac ( wineskin alternative ). San Andreas is working flawlessly, but when I try to launch MTA, the game crashes right after displaying a white space where "stop playing with yourself" is supposed to be. I have all necessary fonts installed, I tried all fixes from known issues section http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Get ... _with_wine Is there anyone who managed to get MTA working on OS X 10.8.2? Debug log from PlayOnMac: [01/11/13 11:48:22] - Running wine-1.5.21 Mu
  5. Hey, today I tried to update a 1.0.5 server to 1.1. I downloaded linux package from nightly.mtasa.com and replaced old files, but I got an error: libncursesw.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ERROR: Could not load ./core.so * Check installed data files. Press enter to continue... I will be thankful for any help.
  6. vEnom.sk


    I want to save the screenshot in a file, not to draw it.
  7. vEnom.sk


    Hey, is there any function to take a screenshot? I saw that these hardcoded MTA functions work also as commands, so I tried executeCommandHandler, returned false, no screenshot taken. Any ideas?
  8. Maybe this will be helpful: http://venom.isgreat.org/mta/record.zip ( copy the url into address bar, else it won't work )
  9. Try using processLineOfSight to detect whether the way to player is clear or not. If it isn't change zombie's rotation.
  10. vEnom.sk

    [REL] dxGUI

    - dxGUI is a resource that makes MTA directx functions interacting with user. It was made to be an alternative to the default MTA gui, but also to provide some extra features that make creating user interface even more customizable and connvenient. At the moment there are more than 40 functions and 3 events available, though not every default GUI function was replaced. - dxGUI comes with many powerful functions to make user interface user-friendly and good looking. Each of dxGUI elements can be modified or replaced with your own image. - dxGUI is an open source. You can modify it how much
  11. When I will finish some neccessary things, yes.
  12. I have started making a directx GUI few weeks ago. At the moment, windows, buttons, checkboxes and edit fields are done. Scrollbars are mostly finished. Windows are fully movable, customizable (colors) and will be resizable too. Buttons have different background image when being idle, hovered or clicked. Clicking every dx gui element triggers onCLientDXGUIClick event and much more. Now I see that were doing independently the same. I thought it is very unlikely to happen. *TIP After finishing scrollbars and scrollpanes, you can use them to make gridlist, so you don't have to double your wor
  13. Ofcourse it does work. Those minor bugs are fixed already.
  14. You could also try this: http://venom.isgreat.org/mta/record.zip
  15. I made a roulette script while ago. If you are interested in, here is an image. Contact me by pm for further details.
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