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  1. When i click (vehicle_fire), the car shoots a rocket, like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IReOzK7Y_Yo How can i do it?
  2. I need to config this resource?
  3. Hey, i wanted to ask, how to create a simple script, to a shooter server, to shoot from cars. Or can i find somewhere a script like this? So when i press vehicle_fire, a rocket appears.. I can shoot in every 3seconds. Thanks for the help, and sorry for the bad english.
  4. Okay, i'm done. but it's already bad. There is my connection.lua file: -- connection settings local hostname = get( "hostname" ) or "secret" local username = get( "username" ) or "secret" local password = get( "password" ) or "secret" local database = get( "database" ) or "secret" local port = tonumber(get( "port" )) or 3306 -- global things. local MySQLConnection = nil local resultPool = { } local sqllog = false local countqueries = 0 -- ToDatabase - Internal function, to spawn a DB connection function connectToDatabase(res) MySQLConnection = mysql_connect(hostname, u
  5. But I have already installed it. It can be found at the 'modules' folder, and at the mtaserver.conf too. (But i still get this error.)
  6. So what i need to do? I need the modul, and i don't know what is the problem.
  7. When i have type "restart mysql" to the console, it says: [19:06:21] restart: Requested by Console [19:06:21] restart: Resource restarting... [19:06:21] Stopping mysql [19:06:21] Starting mysql [19:06:21] ERROR: mysql/connection.lua:16: attempt to call global 'mysql_connect ' (a nil value) [19:06:21] mysql restarted successfully Everybody says, that i need mta_mysql.so, but I HAVE IT! (Sorry for bad english)
  8. Now, that's what i need! Thank you! It's good, just the message is missing. Thank you for your lots of help too.
  9. But i need, to the command WORK in EVERY CAR, Except infernus. ("If it's an infernus, do not show the GUI?")
  10. Sry, now it works! But just in Banshee (line 55 cveh_c.lua) if ( vehicle ) and ( getElementModel( vehicle ) == 429 ) then I think because this. But i need, that this command work in every car, except Infernus. And i really need the message too, that: It's an infernus!
  11. Nothing happens, when i type /cveh. But i think, we can use getElementModel only in cveh_s.lua
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