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  1. Is it possible to post a list of features expected for the next version.
  2. This is really cool and am really amazed but... Is'nt this just like playing vice city singpleplayer with out missions just with all the fun stuff takin out. like cops and pedestrians and those jackable cars. Yeah i know the multiplayer aspect is fun but just plan killing is not that fun. Thats why half life deathmatch is so unpopular to all the other hl mods. The multiplayer is fun but you got nothing really to do inless shoot at each other. The good news is i reckon this could be easily changed if you add a few things in like: Passenger be able to sit with you and same goes for motorbike
  3. I was just playing with my sister. It has to be in the top 10 of funnest fames ever. Heres the sceanio. We were racing around vice city (Set course I made up) She was on the motor bike i was on the comet. Her advantage was her top speed was 130/k per hour while mine was only 100 k/h but i could always knock her down and stop her from passing me if i just swerved in front of her. And you know how theres the pedestrian pathway on the bridge. She always drove on it so i could never knock her off when we were on the bridge. We were on the last lap and we happened to be on the bridge which
  4. Guys i dont think there is any fix for network yet. But hopefully with the 3.5 patch coming out things might change.
  5. Is this going to fix the lan problem where you cant see the other players BECAUSE IT BETTER
  6. If its not the IP's problem then what do you think it might be. Because Right now Internet is more stable then lan, and thats just not right.
  7. I belive the reasons lans games dont work is because of the IP's Its that simple. When a computer is on the network it has a ip of 192.168.0.X And that x is diffrent for each computer. But for some reason the when ANY computer trys to connect to a network dedicated server. It says "Another player with the same ip tryed to join" And that screws the game up so you cant see the other player. Maybre it was just a mistake in the programming or it might be a bigger problem. But am sure there is a solution (I just dont know it) If any one has some exprince in IPs and Ports and stuff we could r
  8. Yeah buts gay. You have to alt tab and half the time is does'nt even work for some reasons.
  9. When i play on the internet. I see people moving, some better then others (Warpinga tiny bit to huge amounts of dissapering) And sometimes i can interract with them. But when i play on a lan its all shit. I cant see them when they join and when the other player gets in the car, the car just springs into the air and bounces off. Shoul'dnt it be easy and less laggy on the lan? AND you really need a ingame chat key like the other multiplayer mod has.
  10. Then how come i cant even see my partner in the game then.
  11. This is only for GTA3 right now VICE CITY might come later. ITS NOT GOING TO WORK FOR VICE CITY
  12. Yes i tryed nearly all of them. And i found that GGM - [GoE] GTA III Multiplayer - Version 0.1 Works alot better in the sense of lag off course (Its instant for everything over a lan) Can anyone help me and try to untangle the mess am in. LAN is just too lagy
  13. I have 2 computers One of them makes a d server And both of them join it. When they connect they say something like "5.16 kbs" or "3.2kbs" which is pretty damn low for a 100mbit network When we start playing with both join diablos When we spawn to the diablo area we cant see each other and when one of us gets in a car, the car on the other players machine goes flying into the air/ground/wall and we lose him and when he is driving around it is completly unplayable COMPLETLY There is pratically no reconation of each other. I heard the admins saying they had a good race against each oth
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