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  1. i am sure that the time u uploaded images is twice the constuction of the maps
  2. i did but i didnt found any so can you teach me scripting by skype or MSN please ?
  3. tarek

    Chaos District RPG

    i can help you Email: top_valid@hotmail.fr
  4. tarek

    Looking for a server

    hey buddy i am looking for Rp or RPG or cops and robbers scripts if you intrested come in Topvalid server
  5. hey community , i am asking for a RP or RPG or Cops and robbers gamemode if not i am trying to learn scripting and dot tell me go to wiki coz i spent 1 mounth for nothingand i learned just that recource should have a meta file please teach me or give me a website to download i am very inneed