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  1. Mozna walic w open source , ale trzeba sie z tym liczyc ze powstanie x serwerow na niedopracowanych skryptach, dlatego moze lepszym roziwazniem bedzie zamknieta grupa poki kod nie bedzie w miare optymalny.
  2. chetnie pomoge w rozwoju , mozesz mnie tez uwzglednic kontakt ze mną : jhomlala@gmail.com / gg 3263073
  3. Please, can you give me some example?
  4. Hey! I have problem with SQL. I cant get results from my DB (I know there is a record (i checkd this with num_rows(=1))) Here is my db schema: dbQuery(db,"CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS avatar(id INT,name TEXT,pass TEXT,food INT,games INT,health INT,energy INT,money INT,time INT)") and here is my problem: function avatarLogin(player,login,pass) local query = dbQuery(db,"SELECT * FROM `avatar` WHERE `name` = ?",login) local result, num_affected_rows, errmsg = dbPoll ( query, -1 ) for i,id in ipairs (result) do for column,val in ipairs (id) do server.log(val
  5. kuba90pl

    Gui widget

    Hey i wanted to know how to take gui static images by getElementsByType() function. i used getElementsByType("gui-image") and this doesnt work. Help!
  6. still doesnt show message while downloading files
  7. Hey! I wanted to make a message while downloading files in my server. Well i know i need to use onClientResourceStart , but i dont know which way i need to use it. i tried: function downloadingText() addEventHandler("onClienResourceStart",root,startText) addEvent("downloadingText",true) addEventHandler("downloadingText",root,downloadingText) function startText() addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,napisSciagnie) end function napisSciaganie() local x, y = guiGetScreenSize() dxDrawText ( "ASDASDADADSDASDADDDASDAD", 100,100,400,400, tocolor(255,255,255,255), 2, "default-s
  8. kuba90pl


    How to make gui without border? Just like without a whole window with title etc. Example: http://i47.tinypic.com/2dc8psm.jpg
  9. kuba90pl

    Mysql table

    Hey i got prob: my code: function stworzElementyDomu() local query = dbQuery( arp_db, "SELECT * FROM house") local result, numrows, errmsg = dbPoll ( query, -1 ) if numrows > 0 then for i,dom in ipairs (result) do createObject(1239,result[i][1],result[i][2],result[i][3]) outputChatBox("tworze") end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart",root,stworzElementyDomu) its output error: createObject[expected number at argument @2 , got nil] my mysql syntax: i want to get ox,oy,oz and create there object for every house.Help pl
  10. kuba90pl

    How to..

    How to check that is some trailer atached to roadtrain , and get his modelid?
  11. its show in console "rejestracja etc" but in db still in "haslo" value is null
  12. help , this script return true but it doesnt change value in db (haslo) function zarejestrujGracza(nazwa,haslo,email) outputChatBox(nazwa) dbFree(dbQuery ( funbox_db, "UPDATE gracze SET haslo = ? WHERE nazwa = ? " , haslo, nazwa )) outputServerLog("Rejestracja: Gracz "..nazwa.." Haslo: "..haslo.." Email: "..email.."") end addEvent("zarejestrujGracza",true) addEventHandler("zarejestrujGracza",root,zarejestrujGracza)
  13. BIG BEER FOR YOU ! working , thanks!
  14. function zalogujGracza(nazwa,haslo) local dane=dbPoll(dbQuery( funbox_db, "SELECT * FROM gracze WHERE nazwa='"..nazwa.."'" ), -1) if dane then outputChatBox(tostring(dane.haslo)) end end i wanted to receive "haslo" value not serial , anyway i changed it and it still return nil
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