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  1. my bad i quoted the last post on the first page, i didnt know there was a second page and that it was corrected
  2. Worked, thanks! But it displays as: (color here)[Admin]Charlie: a test. And I didn't put that a there. Help! lol look at line 15
  3. Unfortunately, at this very moment, there isn't.
  4. I don't need one anymore sorry
  5. The maps automatically get added as resources last time I checked, which was a long time ago, but if you mean adding them to the script - that would depend on the script.
  6. In your resources folder in your MTA directory.
  7. You have to download the resources, I got mine from the nightly build MTA website. Not sure which file to download, though. I done this ages ago.
  8. Thank you for your reply but, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by post some code... I am using the Valhalla role play script and I am trying to run it via a VPS. However, I got a question: the script uses mysql, which is configured properly with my version of the script, but nothing seems to save such as properties, houses, money and guns, I get no mysql errors and the mysql user has full permission(particularly updating and creating tables). Would the resource-cache be the cause of this problem(considering it's 'cache', haha)?
  9. bump, still get the error.
  10. Where it says: I Dont show me IP in forum put it as What I'm trying to say is, leave the server IP blank.
  11. I'm running a role play script but I keep getting this error: [08:11:33] ERROR: call: Failed, the resource cache isn't running [string "?"]
  12. taryn

    Scripting help.

    It's a role play server but we have interest in opening other game mode servers.
  13. taryn

    Error on start..

    I'm getting the same problem...
  14. That's why I said the price is negotiable.
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