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  1. function blablabla(row1, row2) lbl1 = guiCreateLabel(0,0,100,10, row1.." "..row2, false) lbl2 = guiCreateLabel(0,0,100,10, row1.." "..row2, false) lbl3 = guiCreateLabel(0,0,100,10, row1.." "..row2, false) labels = { lbl1, lbl2, lbl3, } end to hide all lables you can use for k,v in ipairs(labels) do guiSetVisible(v,false) end or if you want hide 1 label use guiSetVisible(labels[1],false)
  2. You Cant Replace DFF For skins you can replace TXD Only Or DFF For objects or cars ,, arabic : مآتقدر ياخوي ^.^ بس تقدر تبدل السيارات والاوبجكتات ,, او تقدر تبدل اللون للشخصية بس ,, تحيآتي
  3. h1ama3d

    New Help Gui

    please use LUA Tags
  4. fadeCamera(true) and delete this line killTimer(views.timer) i tested it ,, but it's stop in 1 view
  5. h1ama3d not hmody فضحتنا -_-" see : http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Cli ... _functions http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/AttachElements
  6. you mean this ? setElementVelocity ( getPedOccupiedVehicle( player ), 0, 0.1, 0.5)
  7. OK :@ He is Arabian, and I explain to him in Arabic
  8. ذذ ,, وش بتبرمج ؟؟ >> بيتسطر امزح ذذ
  9. I've done it, and the script is ready for use ^.^ thank you very much Citizen ! <3
  10. Thanks guys, I tried another way instead of the EDF I Make a GUI window and has already succeeded Now, do I am a Noob or not? LoL http://store2.up-00.com/Mar11/uhX88029.jpg http://store2.up-00.com/Mar11/uhX88029.jpg but can i create button to Select the settings from the selected object? Thx Again ^.^
  11. ok ,, i change it to setElementData(vcs1, "posZ", z or 100) and now over the EDF element I will try to make it tight EDF Element I have tried it, and I change it to carsh = getElementsByName ( "Carshade" ) but attempt to call global 'getElementsByName' (a nil value) Can you help me pls ? Or will lose hope: (
  12. Check Elements: 3349.6772460938 , -1925.2801513672 , -2.3275413513184 , 20 , 5 , table: 02A49C28 x = 3309.162109375 y = -2029.51171875 z = -18.611539840698 ---------------------------------------------------------- very hard script yeah ,, i'am noob yeah ,, but i make it ! ,, i put() but it's Does not work also ! ----------- i don't understand what you mean >< sorry ,, in line 20 i put call(getResourceFromName("editor"),"import",thisResource) not getElementsByType()
  13. stolen ?! I made ​​this script If you want to make sure, search for it, you will not find: @ I hate steal: @ Line No. 20 I took him from ggloop only!! The rest that I made​​: @ If you do not want to help me, why comment? and if i put comma :20:Bad argument @ 'call'
  14. Hello, I making script, It works, but I have only one problem, What script? : Script that I work, you can make a road from vgncarshade1 You can choose the pieces, and the distance between each piece, I have made the script for editor This is the code: Removed This is the EDF file: Removed But when I am Typing '/c' to make the road This is what is happening:( This is the EDF Element http://store2.up-00.com/Mar11/fL100715.jpg This is the Road, http://store2.up-00.com/Mar11/8QM00715.jpg Under water! why ? pls help me sorry For my Bad English and sorry i'am noob
  15. Oh .. that is working .. thank you famas ..
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