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  1. @Zango, I'll ask the maker of the port if he would mind if I reposted it, the reason that I didn't post the whole thing here is because I didn't make it. @Talidan, Yeah, what you do is either use the inbuild installer or paste the program folder into the .app
  2. I have seen many threads about MTA for the Mac and thought that I would post this. There is a CXEx port for MTA to the Mac. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is basically a a small .app with a windows engine built in. All you do is copy and paste the windows install files into the .app and then install MTA using the Installer.app. All instructions are provided. http://forum.portingteam.com/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=7309 You will have to make an account on portingteam.com to view the post. Finally everyone with a mac can now play MTA easily without having to switch into Windows with Bootcamp or play in a slow and buggy VM! The performance on the highest settings is just as good as a PC, however I have a high end mac, so your performance my be worse. DISCLAIMER: I did not make this port nor am I making any claim to have made it. I am merely reposting it so more people can benefit from it. I am not affiliated with portingteam.com in any way, other than being a member to download ports. P.S. Intel Macs ONLY