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    Spawn? Hi i dont know how but when i host a game it comes up with a map and double click to spawn, I LIKE THIS! but when i die it doesnt show up?, and i put the mod on so when you die you iwll respawn where you died and that doesnt work. Please help as i have no idea where to start Thanks
  2. rmills


    Ok i will from now on thanks
  3. rmills


    do i unzip it
  4. rmills


    i was looking at the DDC Speedometer (ddc_speed) and the spawnmanager
  5. rmills


    Hi when i download the mods where do i put them Thanks
  6. rmills


    hi i recently deleted play.zip by mistake, could someone please send me theres thanks
  7. for spawnplayer do i use the f1 admin tool or the ` console tool thnaks
  8. of so can i make it spawn in grove street every time with spawn player? or do i put it in evey time and it seems confusing the the wiki site so i cant have the traffic only people online and voice chat is avalible Thanks
  9. Change Spawn to Grove Street and more Hi i am new at making a game server, i am only making it for me and my cuson, no one else just for me and him to have fun. I would like these things if you could please help me: Spawn in grove street only. To have traffic like offline and general people. Voice chat if possible. The game type is going to be 'play' Please send me the files Thanks
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