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  1. Hey guys, i want to know if anyone had a script that only allows a register character name with this format only: Firstname_Lastname <- Thanks again in advance, if you support.
  2. hey guys, you guys should be familiar with um.. Paradise RP (MTA) .. well if you are thats wonderful , anyway um.. well i about 75% got it setup.. and um idk how to like.. run it.. like.. i got the files etc setup.. and idk if it that.. must i have to start it as a resource from the command server or what? cause am a bit confused.. could really use some help :] thanks in advance.
  3. Hey guys, i am looking for a decend Scriptor to assist me with my RolePlay Server, the scriptor will be payed for his hard work, if you are intrested we can talk more, add me on msn : nicholas11v@hotmail.com
  4. Bump, how do i make myslef an administrator? :l
  5. Snake, can you come on MSN please?
  6. Hey guys, i just got a RP gamemode, and i wanna change it from Deathmatch to the RP , how do i go about dong this?
  7. Hmm.. i can understand that.. um well if you guys dont mind waiting until donations come in.. then no problem.
  8. hey there mta community, i am working on a SA:MP:RP server we are AeroZone - Gaming, and we are in need of some scriptors / Mods this will be a very exciting project when it is done we hope to be one of the best some day so bare with us and come help us out :]. the forum is We need atleast 3-5 Scriptors/Mods. So yea your help me be greatly appreciated.
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