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  1. Look about 4 posts down.
  2. CTRL+ALT+DEL opens "Windows Security" for some XP Machines Could also try CTRL+Shift+ESC to open the processes
  3. Nor would they have explained the handling.cfg file
  4. ALT + Tab to the MTA client, and type /ingame followed by your text.
  5. Fileplanet sucks. Also free hosts are never the way to go for projects like this, there are plenty of good hosting plans for only $10/month or cheaper.
  6. Pricedown font (requires free registration): http://www.codenamegta3.co.uk/show_file.asp?ID=54
  7. On single player: Portland - Max 4 stars Staunton Island - 5 Stars Shoreside Vale - 6 Stars
  8. http://gta.gwdn.org/mta/bugs/?5
  9. Riot


    My GTA seems to lockup on single player mode after "Silvador Calls A Meeting" whenever i enter a cutscreen. Anyone have any idea why?
  10. Send me a PM with a username and password and i can set you up with some hosting.
  11. The game is a beta. ITS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BUGS. You think Rockstar didn't have bugs when it first started? When they say the game is "bugless" and you find a bug then complain but until then shut up.
  12. Riot

    GTA Restore

    Well the program works now for some strange reason.
  13. Riot

    GTA Restore

    http://gta.gwdn.org/mta/restore.zip Just extract it to your GTAIII directory and it will replace the required files. It replaces: anim/ped.ifp data/main.scm TEXT/american.gtx as stated a few posts above.
  14. Riot

    GTA Restore

    Well i found that error, I installed the .NET framework and that error went away now i get "CLR Error: 80004005" and those files I can post on the web in a few minutes.
  15. Riot


    Win98 Patch: http://gta.gwdn.org/mta/dls/mta.zip MTA .3b: http://gta.gwdn.org/mta/dls/mta.exe MTA .3b Manual: http://gta.gwdn.org/mta/dls/mta.pdf Dedicated Linux Server: http://gta.gwdn.org/mta/dls/dedlinux.tar.gz
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