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  1. Look about 4 posts down.
  2. CTRL+ALT+DEL opens "Windows Security" for some XP Machines Could also try CTRL+Shift+ESC to open the processes
  3. Nor would they have explained the handling.cfg file
  4. ALT + Tab to the MTA client, and type /ingame followed by your text.
  5. Fileplanet sucks. Also free hosts are never the way to go for projects like this, there are plenty of good hosting plans for only $10/month or cheaper.
  6. Pricedown font (requires free registration):
  7. On single player: Portland - Max 4 stars Staunton Island - 5 Stars Shoreside Vale - 6 Stars
  9. Riot


    My GTA seems to lockup on single player mode after "Silvador Calls A Meeting" whenever i enter a cutscreen. Anyone have any idea why?
  10. Send me a PM with a username and password and i can set you up with some hosting.
  11. The game is a beta. ITS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BUGS. You think Rockstar didn't have bugs when it first started? When they say the game is "bugless" and you find a bug then complain but until then shut up.
  12. Riot

    GTA Restore

    Well the program works now for some strange reason.
  13. Riot

    GTA Restore Just extract it to your GTAIII directory and it will replace the required files. It replaces: anim/ped.ifp data/main.scm TEXT/american.gtx as stated a few posts above.
  14. Riot

    GTA Restore

    Well i found that error, I installed the .NET framework and that error went away now i get "CLR Error: 80004005" and those files I can post on the web in a few minutes.
  15. Riot


    Win98 Patch: MTA .3b: MTA .3b Manual: Dedicated Linux Server: