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  1. sorry wallmart I don't think it would be a good idea for us to collaborate on a map, im not trying to be a jerk. i just get about 2-3 hours a week to actually work on the map so it wouldn't be much of a collaboration lol but thanks tho dude
  2. Hi, im having a problem getting spawn points to work with the zombie game mode by sloth do i just add in a deathmatch definition and use those spawn points or what?
  3. Hi, im really new to MTA and using all the resources, im making a San Andreas Zombie apocalypse makeover map, and i would like to learn how to use some resources to make it a better server... but i have no idea how... so i was just wondering if there was a good tutorial out there on how to use resources Thanks
  4. thank you guys Im pretty new to MTA, and i dont know a lot about resources and how to use them, so if there is someone who is pretty good at using everything with MTA and the zombie gamemode i would really appreciate some tips, and i have some questions as well. Questions 1. Im pretty sure ive seen a Fuel Mod on servers, where cars run out of gas unless you stop at a gas station, i was just wondering if that is still available and how to use it... 2. With Sloths zombie gamemode do i have to use zombie spawns or would the map run fine without placing spawns and just having zombies spawn wh
  5. Some more pictures for your pleasure I will probebly just leave the day night cycle on because i dont beleive in the whole, ITS ALWAYS NIGHT BE CAUSE NIGHTTIME IS SCARY thing... i want this map to be about survival not horror...
  6. Thanks yea i tried to use the same techniques that the L4D mappers used, basically trying to tell a story without a cinematic... letting the player interpret what happened in a particular area. so this is taking a while to customize each town and then decorate random little areas with remnants of survivors and struggle against the Undead but when its all done, you should be fully immersed into a zombified SA Except for Las venturas... i just sealed that whole area off... its just too open and large to go to detailed so i just did a Resident evil Apocolypse style barrier around the whole ci
  7. well your in luck cause thats the gamemode im designing it for
  8. Ive discovered the awesomeness of the MTA map editor, so ive started decorating San Andreas in a zombie ravaged theme the map will feature most of your favorite places in SA littered with trash and abandoned cars, not just usual same car placed in the same way, im a stickler for detail so i will be doing as much detail as i can and make it look like everything you expect from an apocalyptic scene. I am taking suggestions at the moment as well, if there is a place you want a survivor base camp or a town you want totally ravaged by the undead post here and i will do my best to do it
  9. i get most of this, but im confused about the race and EDF part... so if i add a marker i will spawn there?
  10. How do i add spawn points in my custom map... i cant seem to find any good tutorials on this anywhere...
  11. yea, i just started playing MTA and ive noticed that almost every server im in, im the only one who is speaking english.. i even try speaking what spanish i know and nobody even acknowleges me...
  12. Nobody wants to help me out? this isnt for a dedicated server just one i will run for friends and whoever wants to join..
  13. Hi, i recently downloaded MTA for the sweet NPC zombie servers, and now i am interested in being able to host my own zombie survival server. but... i am completly new to this... i learned how to use the MTA map editor (really cool btw) and have started making my own zombified San andreas map, i just dont know how to go about the rest of it after i get the map made... -How do i host a server with zombies in my custom map is basically what im asking... please be kind to a poor zombie loving MTA noob Thank you.
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