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  1. Hey guys, so I just wanted to warn you about some problems with VortexServers. I've been using them on and off to host my Servers for about a year now, and it's been nothing but grief unfortunately. No disrespect to the actual leaders of the company - but the servers are constantly laggy, sometimes I can't connect to my Server at all, when people can connect to the Server they just get absolutely lagged out or end up with terrible pings. And one time, when asking about these problems, I was called a 'liar' and told that there were no problems with the Service. In fact, after buying another
  3. Could you possibly help me out with the bar visible distance please? I managed to make him spawn at different locations, so now it's just the bar left:3
  4. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I have a bot that spawns and attacks players, but I'd like to have 2 things changed about it: - The ProgressBar needs to only appear on a Players screen when he is near the bot - More spawnpoints for this bot need to be added I'd be grateful if anyone could help:) client local screenX, screenY = guiGetScreenSize() -- Settings local nemesisMaxHP = 2500 local progressWidth, progressHeight = 400, 20 local progressX, progressY = (screenX - progressWidth) / 2, 100 local dxTextTitle = "Nemesis HP:" local dxTextScale = 1.5
  5. Hey, so I'm trying to redesign the GUI on a Spawn Panel, and I've used the GUI Editor to move around different parts of the old GUI, however, I have a problem. In the original GUI, there are lines like guiCreateWindow(0.0117,0.4284,0.3418,0.5443,"Spawn Selection",true) Which show numbers mainly based in decimals, as opposed to the output from the GUI Editor, which is like GUIEditor.window[1] = guiCreateWindow(839, 0, 527, 763, "Spawn Selection", false) Therefore, whenever I replace the original numbers in the script with the numbers generated by the GUIEditor output, the GUI fai
  6. GerardWay

    Map Editor

    So I wasn't entirely sure where to post this, but hopefully I got it right. Whenever I go near an area in the map editor that has more than a small amount of objects, the editor lags really badly, and it becomes impossible to move, exit the game, or even move my cursor. Any ideas on a solution?
  7. I hate to say it bud, but you're extremely unlikely to find a scripter for free, or even with the promise of 'the servers income'.
  8. Hey guys, could someone give me an example of a script, in which when a Player enters a certain vehicle, if their nickname isn't Gerard or their ACL Group isn't Admin, they just get out of a car and a sound is played named 'car.mp3' I'll really appreciate any help!
  9. Yep. Right in the heart of Texas too.
  10. You can have the doughnuts, I drank the root beer, and the empty room has Kim Kardashians nudes taped to the wall.
  11. They all sound a bit too buggy to me mate, extremely un-natural
  12. Hey, I'm looking for someone that sounds or can make themself sound professional. I'll be adding sound effects to my Zombie Server, including a voice saying "Warning: Security Breach" and things like that. So I need someone capable of saying it as if it really was an announcer - Anyone willing to volunteer will be appreciated Skype - teambarrelgaming
  13. ---ISSUE RESOLVED-- Admin - Lock topic please
  14. Ah, my bad, I meant Object Model For example: I have a file named ottos_sfw.txd that replaces the showroom in SF, however if I type 'ottos_sfw' into the Map Editor, it doesnt appear so how would I find the model ID to replace for ottos_sfw.txd?
  15. Well, so far, you've contributed two useless pathetic answers to this thread. I can't really see anyone wanting scripting services from an asshole like you. Now, if you're going to be a little /beta/ kid, and spam - take yourself elsewhere. I'm pretty sure nobody wants prematures like you here anyway.
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