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  1. I didnt find the manual in the download list so here it is again
  2. try it on different computers, so you can be sure that the font works correctly.
  3. ahjteam


    Way to make the police system work (in theory): If the wanted level is 0, you are not allowed to bust/kill anyone [boring]. If the wanted level is 1, you are allowed to bust the person or whack them [chasing]. If the wanted level is 2 or over, you are allowed to kill the person [action]. And the mode choosed, who to bust, can be selected: team [massacre] or individual persons [vigilante].
  4. I meant INGAME... you dont want to switch to ASE during a game, dont you?
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot: the team gets my permission to use the fixed version, I take no credit for it, but meantioning me would be nice - AHJ edit: the files was updated today
  6. I noticed another typo, but it was my mistake. port are automatically be filled in -> no "be".
  7. English isnt my native language either -> its Finnish... but its just about the efford
  8. you peeps bored or something?
  9. visual basic would be something like if ... then ///// end if
  10. I dont want to sound like a b*tch but the manual had awful lot of typos, so I read it thru couple of times and fixed all the typos, here is the fixed version (RTF format, convert to whatever you want). The layout is screwed up but the content should be 98% correct now, but there still might be some typos. enjoy http://ahjteam.com/files/GTA3MTA_doc_ahjteam.rtf - AHJ
  11. also another idea: make the the program check if another copy of the launcher is already running so it wont open another window, but get focus to the window that is already open.
  12. Can you put some sort of PING meter somewhere so we can see how laggy the server is? it would be cool and not so hard to do either. - AHJ
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