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  1. Hello to all. Watch my v.17. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDmZaNNCPhs&feature=youtu.be
  2. [DM] DC v.13 - Set Fire To Everybody
  3. [DM] DC v.12 - Fuck You All II
  5. Hi all My v.10 =] Link to download the map in the video description on youtube BB
  6. DC.

    MTA 1.1 bug =/

    Image: http://www.speedtest.net/result/1564449234.png
  7. DC.

    MTA 1.1 bug =/

    Hello, my MTA 1.1 does not download maps, script, something that exists in employees over 700kb, my ping reaches 9000, and NETWORK TROUBLE, and disconnects me, comes down to my internet for a few seconds I would like to fix this, if someone helps me to not know what else to do, already reinstalled everything, formatted the computer and does not go the same way. You could say it's my internet that's fine, but if it was my internet, it would make the downloads on 1.0.5, but 1.0.5 in my downloads are normal, there's no problem, just that this new MTA downloads will not in any way, I would like s
  8. I am Brazilian, set MTA Race DD / DM, I can no longer play server, the connection to download maps was a waste, this new MTA is a big crap, nobody liked it, the only decent thing is the MAP EDITOR, the rest should quit as he was, was great and not this crap that is now, it's been a week since I do not play this fucking MTA because I can not download maps, when I can is just one map, the map will change when the MTA already Buga, and can not download the maps, bug MTA drops my internet to come back and take this crap, I know not who was doing it, might as well leave as it was! Until we get tha
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