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    Hey when there are 0 people in my server the (Race/DD/DM)maps stop running so when someone joins no map starts. Can someone tell me or maybe someone has it, but how can i make a script that starts a (race/DD/DM)map when there are 0 players in the server
  2. I don't really know what you mean, could u maybe be a bit more specific?
  3. Hello, I had a question can i change for example the usernames in Internal.db and save it without restarting the server (i know how to change the stuff in internal.db i just wanna know if its possible to save it without restarting) I would appriciate all possible help
  4. Working: [DD]DestructionDerby (No spaces in name) Not working: [DD] Destruction Derby ( Dont use spaces in name if you got a script inside) This only counts if you have a script added inside the map
  5. Izam

    Problem when join (server)

    1: Windows 2: No 3: Its called DMC u can find it by the search.
  6. Izam

    Problem when join (server)

    Can someone please help, this is a real issue for my server because more and more people are leaving the server because of this and this way the server will end up dead
  7. Izam

    bet system

    Dont you see he cant?
  8. Izam

    bet system

    hes saying you need to fix it and not them
  9. Visit www.dmc-clan.co.cc we always need mappers
  10. Hello, when i join my server i get this screen How can i fix it, like when i join it starts a DM map (i got a race server)
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