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  1. I think it'd be great if you allow us to read all the connected gamepad controllers. I have an idea to create a 2-8 player couch co-op MTA:SA server, and if I could read individual controllers, get their inputs and map them to a pedestrian, we could make some pretty cool servers.
  2. Nice, but your script seems to run just run the average ip location. When I talk about the Geolocation api, its a lot more accurate, usually straight to your house address. Each browser handles the API differently and chrome being the most accurate because google uses nearly everymethod to track you. Google's cars will capture network signatures as they drive through streets taking photos, and will map them in their location access point db, and use that data to identify you. In googles words: If you allow Google Chrome to share your location with a site, the browser will send local ne
  3. Hey guys I know I've been inactive for a long time, but am interested in joining the community again. I've had my eyes on CEF since it came out and I want to ask if it supports all the newer HTML features. Specifically Canvas, WebRTC (i'd hope so, but you may see it as a security threat ) and the geolocation api, ooh and webstorage? Just curious
  4. Who wants an updated version of this? I have progressed a lot since developing this and could easily setup an automatic updater for it.
  5. Guys, this is easy. Really easy, in-fact I'm still surprised that there are so many people in these forums that are so inexperienced. I don't mean to be rude, but this one is very obvious. I suggest someone updates those forum pages immediately too. That website is outdated and broken, they should have used one that has a higher reputation. http://bot.whatismyipaddress.com/ - 16 Years running and a great service, use this URL. https://api.ipify.org/ - Great, kinda new and should be here for a long tiem to come. Use either one. function getServerIp() callRemote("http://bot.whatismyipa
  6. Hmm, try using: getElementBoundingBox This should be able to get the vehicles bounding box, but i'm not too sure if its what you need, just experiment with it, it may get you what you need.
  7. Try this. addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", localPlayer, function(theAttacker, theWeapon, theBodypart) if ( theAttacker.type == "vehicle" and localPlayer.vehicle ~= theAttacker ) then cancelEvent() end end ) You can also use OnClientPreRender and run a quick check to see if a player has collided with the vehicle and quickly allow it to pass through
  8. This post is 4 years old... I was about to say to used dbExec and I don't even program in MTA anymore...
  9. Yep, it's pretty much making use of the external web server. We've ran tests using Cloudflare CDN and we've found that it can be slower than the original host. If you're using a bad host then sure a CDN is appropriate, but our host is high speed. I'll explain why a CDN can be slower, mainly cause a CDN such as Cloudflare has millions of users flowing through their servers, for us it worked better to just use a static web host. If we get customers we may head for Windows Azure, but we don't know yet. Thanks It's just giving players extra options and for lower prices.
  10. Hi there! I'm Chris, I've just thought of a pretty nice idea which I can complete in 1 nights work and will guarantee your server faster download speeds. I've been working on numerous projects in my time, and I still have quiet a few I operate in. This one is a newer project that I'm extremely excited about, mainly because I was once annoyed by the slow upload speed on some of the servers. You're probably thinking WHY should I use this service? That's an excellent question, and I'm going to answer it with proven facts. It has been proven in numerous studies that people do not like to wait an
  11. csmit195


    Using fetch would be a bit more in-efficient than what I'm doing with sockets, also a lot more insecure. I kind of care a lot about security and it's probably best if I avoid making this. It's the secure way, or no way.
  12. csmit195


    Hey, I already know about the Sockets Module, but I'd like to request an official import of the sockets module for the server side. I am in need of a real-time method to connect to my server, and this can give me the greatest flexibility while programming. I've just finished a pretty cool project and I'd like to release it to the community for free, I just need to make the distribution easier for novice users...
  13. Okay, so I've seen a lot of talk about the iOS and Android versions of Grand Theft Auto. I am willing to pay 200 British Pounds to the son of a bitch who wants to do it. The project would be completely open source. The main developer would get paid handsomely, and any other contributing developer may get up to 50 or more pounds. Why am I offering this much money? Because and I quote "progress is made when impossibility yields to necessity" (ARNOLD H. GLASOW). I want to push MTA forward into the future! I do have this money available, but I probably should not be touching it. That is why on to
  14. when phones become computers. Phones are computers...
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