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  1. Actual progress is 82%. When MTA Team created this topic, progress was about 67%, use your mind and calculate : P even if it may be slow they have gotten pretty far.
  2. when do you think it will be out?
  3. it must be my pc because if mta files have been replaced with defualt ones then it proberly isn't mta. there is only 2 things i can think of. another resource is conflicting or its my pc. i run windows xp.
  4. Sparkanator

    Server help

    it is a thomson TG782T
  5. Sparkanator

    Server help

    I've done that already and they are closed... ... I can't get them open.
  6. Ok I will have to do some searching... Sorry about double post again... There is a resource on the community and the author says if you lose your vehicle just highjack a ped. It's a gamemode and you have steal a rhino off army
  7. Ok I will have to do some searching...
  8. Sparkanator

    Server help

    I know what my ip is but when I enter it in in the configuration file it doesnt wanna open the server. But when I leave the space blank it works just not on the Internet.
  9. I do know there are some resources of traffic, but they aren't released on the community center. Where? This is my personal server because I can't get it on the Intenet, and my friend and i want it to be similar to single player e.g. Pay n spray cars peds all that.
  10. where can i learn?(sorry about double post[really])
  11. so you don't have yours? i guess i will have to learn lua. EDIT:so i don't triple post i edit this. are the public resources in the community? becuase i can't find any.
  12. yes i re-downloaded and i am running mta 1.0.5 but still the error. it says "Test could not be started! Dummy 'editor_test' resource may be corrupted". is it my PC? when i first got mta it worked fine but one day it just stopped.
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