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  1. CrowClock

    Gangs Of Vice City

    dumbass theirs a forum for this you noob
  2. yeah but mta could make servers for it with little to no lag
  3. CrowClock

    Need traffic!

    its impossable. its hard to sync it.. *shoots this topic with a gun*
  4. this heli should be used in the next mta! ps: is the glass breakable?
  5. http://www.gamefaqs.com/ he must win.. i hait u dk for the dk rap
  6. this is the best topic i dare anyone to post goatse or Forbidden Website
  7. it looks good but you need to replace the thing that shows your money,health,armor,weapons, with the gta3 style it does not go...... but im confused gta3 on the vice city gfx engine :\ unless LC will connect to VC? like both of them in the game?
  8. yo red on multi what skins will we use? like useing tommy and the main dude from gta3? kthx
  9. no i like vagina im not gay heh im gonna kill DracoBlue with my trusty sniper rifle
  10. now all we need is peds in the future ... ps: can we ride the same car with other players?
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