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  1. Many years ago I played the game mode "Capture the Orb" and now I want to make my own game mode with a few similarities. But now I can't find the source if it nor the game mode itself. Any idea where I can find it? I'm not planning to steal any code, just see how they solved a couple of things.
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    Race map pack

    Hi! I used to play MTA Race back in 2005-2007 and now I want to play the Race mode in MTA 1.0.4 on a LAN-party with my friends. The only problem is that I don't know where to find a lot of race maps. Does anybody know where I can get a pack of hundred or thousands of maps. I am also looking for a special CnR map called "Moonshine Goons" (or something like that). Does anyone know where to get it? I am greatful for all replies. //Gaffel
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