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  1. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
  2. Tommeh

    Need a host

    https://www.serverffs.com/paymentmethods/ Serverffs doesn't support onebip, but they support SMS payments. Though their SMS service is quite expensive.
  3. Track the zombie movement, if it doesn't get any closer to the player in certain amount of time like 5 seconds check if the line of sight is clear http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/IsLineOfSightClear If it is not clear force the zombie to check which side is better to avoid the object from, see how much free space you got on each sides, left and right. In you picture there is more space on left so zombie goes there and gets around the box. Just force the zombie to go left untill it can get closer to the player again. Not the best method but should work I used the same method in my A.I.
  4. Freaking awesome map! May I have your skype?
  5. Never heard of it, but their site looks professional and didn't find any bad reviews.
  6. Create a FTP account and use filezilla to upload your files.
  7. What do you need a server for exactly?
  8. Check your spambox. If that won't work jsut register a new email somewhere like hotmail.com or gmail.com If those won't work ether I believe serverffs.com is being troubled as their system is barely being monitored.
  9. You should really have a possibility to choose as many player slots as you want. What is the idea of having one stock package of 100 players?
  10. https://www.serverffs.com/free/ There you can get a free server for a couple of hours, but I believe you can't get one free for months to come.
  11. DomVPS.com is the cheapest VPS provider around here (excluding all scam providers). They have good connectivity and I believe you can afford the domRam1024 package so the system specs won't be a problem.
  12. I'd like to point out that even when No1Servers couldn't bare with the DDoS attacks they were receiving they we're doing very well by refunding people for their gameservers. No1Servers was not a scam company at all.. On the topic itself: When someone is hosting a server for you (ex. a company) they are giving you access to the server files of yours and they give you an account to a game control panel or something similar that alloows you to start/stop, update and up-/downgrade your server, depending on the company ofcourse as everyone of them have their own panel. The amount you have to pay
  13. Tommeh

    Server list spam

    There is a couple of server copying our servers tag to get some popularity to their own servers. Here is a list of IP's: mtasa:// mtasa:// mtasa:// mtasa:// mtasa:// I hope someone can do something about it.
  14. Didn't get the point of it honestly.
  15. Well that contrast shader is pretty heavy then I guess. Anyway the carsounds are pretty amazing, didn't think that would be possible without modding GTA.
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