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  1. I used the setModelHandling as it says on wiki function handlingChange() setModelHandling(541, "mass", 1890) setModelHandling(541, "turnMass", 3780) setModelHandling(541, "dragCoeff", 0.7) setModelHandling(541, "centerOfMass", {0.0, 0.1, -0.2} ) setModelHandling(541, "percentSubmerged", 75) setModelHandling(541, "tractionMultiplier", 0.70) setModelHandling(541, "tractionLoss", 0.90) setModelHandling(541, "tractionBias", 0.50) setModelHandling(541, "numberOfGears", 5) setModelHandling(541, "maxVelocity", 407) setModelHandling(541, "engine
  2. I had another idea: can I set to download only the map and the resource with the photo and after a few seconds with a timer download the rest?
  3. since no one wants to wait that finishes downloading resources, can I somehow to show an image (i have already a text but i prefer an image) during the download ? thanks
  4. thanks this is interesting
  5. Not needed. Do something like This: local mesg = "" addCommandHandler("say", function (player,_,msg) local time = getRealTime() local hours = time.hour local minutes = time.minute mesg = mesg.." [:"..hours..":"..minutes.."]"..msg end ) function LogTimer () File = fileOpen ("logs.txt") if File then fileWrite (File, mesg ) else fileCreate ("logs.txt") File = fileOpen ("logs.txt") fileWrite (File, mesg ) end fileClose (File) end setTimer (LogTimer, 300000, 0 ) -- updating log file in every 1 hour I wrote this from mobile so couldn't test it but any
  6. I would like to read the chat (or at least the last lines) of my server on my website in realtime, is this possibile to do ? thanks
  7. I'm selling vps: 10GB Diskspace 4 CPU cores RAM: 1 GB Bandwidth 1000GB 100 Mbps Port VPS Location: Germany OS: CentOS 6.3 64Bit - Debian 6.0.6 64/32Bit - Ubuntu 12.04.1 Server 64bit - Windows server 2008 Delivery after a few hours Price 10$/month
  8. emuk

    a simple question

    I have to create a new map near another that I created but I want to separate them. The question is:why if I start the old map and use the editor why I can not see it? I need to see the old but create a new near it ... how can I do? thanks
  9. thank you for your patience I think I understand it is one problem getElementData if i write this it work: local localPlayerName = getPlayerName(getLocalPlayer()) function vip () if (localPlayerName == "emuk") then --and we output it to the chatbox setElementData ( source, "VIP.person", true ) outputChatBox( "work." ) end end addCommandHandler ( "setvip", vip ) when i add this it say always no: function vip2 () if getElementData ( localPlayerName, "VIP.person" ) then outputChatBox( "yes." ) else outputChatBox( "no." )
  10. thanks but I did not understand how to use ElementData, I tried to set something but it's like it does not save
  11. excuse my explanation, I need to stop the resource for one person and not for the entire server. I try to explain better: for example, a resource that is started automatically change hud and a player don't want it so with a command stop this function only for him. or I could put an option where each player decides whether or not to automatically start (but I do not know how to do) however i'll try it in another way
  12. thanks but I need something like this: visible = false addCommandHandler ( "show", function ( ) if ( visible == false ) then guiSetVisible ( Window, true ) else (here something to stop what happens before) end end ) basically I need to stop the resource for a player Do this until that happens otherwise stops. EDIT or if it possible to add a setting for client and everyone chooses if start it or not.
  13. it is possible to check some conditions ? for example: function true () while abc == true do outputChatBox( "Is true." ) end end addCommandHandler ( "true", true ) function setTrue () abc = true end addCommandHandler ( "settrue", settrue ) then until abc is true it outputChatBox and when is false it stops automatically (break) outputChatBox is an example, I do not want is that every second one written in chat thanks
  14. emuk

    warning problem

    thanks!! now it works
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