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  1. Depends if they are paying tax on it or not. If they are selling a service (ie extra game benefits) then yes it is illegal if they do not pay tax. They need to be a registered business to do this - if a server has taken your money for a service and they are not paying tax on the actual sale, then it is illegal. You are then legally obliged to reclaim your money - and so is the government. i.e register yourself as a business so you don't have these problems. And before you think you can get round it via 'Donations' - no you can't. At the end of the day however much you dress it up - your still
  2. We have a couple of spare servers available which are thanks to a new machine we have purchased - We are offering Windows Server 2008 R2 Web for them for free! (Standard for a higher price) We only have 4 of these machines available : Get them while you can at great value! A3 Machines : 2 CPU cores 300GB HDD space 6GB RAM / Memory Unlimited Bandwidth 1 IP address (IPv4) With windows server 2008 r2 - Web Price per month : £24.99/Per Month A4 Machines : 1 CPU core 250GB HDD space 4GB RAM / Memory Unlimited Bandwidth 1 IP address (IPv4) With windows server 2008 r2 - Web Price
  3. This is like a massive f**k you to everyone else that helps out
  4. It was posted there also. I posted it here for the reason of members here 'disliking' me also.
  5. Hey, Im Will, you probably know me. Being out of the MTA loop for over 6 months now made me think and reflect on what I had, lost and did. Ill say it now, I messed up. Badly. What I had at SAUR, although you may not like it, was perfect in the role it had. An RPG. BY me trying to change that, I ruined it. BY me Stealing donations from it, I ruined it. BY me arguing with allot of people, I ruined it. BY me assuming I was higher than everyone else, I ruined it. I am sorry for this, I mean it. Some of you just assume that I ruined it all together when I was in control. But I also brough
  6. ARC Hosting - Coming Soon! Hello, I'm Will Briggs, founder and CEO of Arc Hosting. Let me explain in simple steps what Arc Hosting is, and what we do. What do we do? : Basically we are an upcoming hosting company, that has is based around ease of use, and 24/7 uptime. How are we different? : Unlike allot of companies, we are NOT server re-sellers. And all of our hardware is owned by us and maintained by us. Where are our servers based? : ALL of our servers currently are based in the UK, with the highest speeds available at the moment. What makes Arc Hosting better? : As I mentione
  7. Metro RPG has been cancelled for different reasons. Lock this topic please.
  8. Its bullshit, don't listen to him Hes just some chavy kid who thinks he has power
  9. This is a very different type of RPG, nothing like before, so maybe we should find a new name for the gamemode Thanks allot
  10. Thanks And anyway, we are only searching for 1 more developer if anyone out there wants to be involved
  11. What you failed to realise was that the server you visited when i was last there was one that I ran. I have chat logs of you saying missions accomplished. And staff that you think are you friends also warned me and sent me quotes of why you came to the server. Im not green. you must mistake me for some retard.
  12. We will not accept donations with Metro:RPG. Because i can pay for the services we need (unlike some) Rewards = Ingame stuff and extra privileges not cash. And clearly your comment was to start a war, I am going to file this and put it with my reports to the MTA team about you. One other thing? You have no proof at all that I bought PC Games with the donations. If you must check I will scan in one of my bank statements with proof that I purchased it off my Debit Card. PS : Grow up and stop following me arround servers to annoy me
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