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  1. Well, What do you want? I personnally want Peds for the RP server i am co scripting.
  2. New Error Time Me and the other Scripter decided to revert to using Client Side. Now it's just completely messed up. function sendMessageOnPizzaStart ( theVehicle, seat) if source == getLocalPlayer() then --if ( getVehicleID ( theVehicle ) == 448 ) then outputChatBox ( "Press F2 to Begin Pizza Delivery") bindKey ("F2", "down", pizzaDeliveryHandler) --end else outputChatBox ( "TISNT WORKINGGGG" ) end end function pizzaDeliveryHandler ( source, key, keystate ) pbplace = createBlip (-1807.4569,944.3589,24.8906, 29) pplace =
  3. Thanks, Maybe it is a bug then. I'll have to take a look around. Thanks for everyones help.
  4. No, Nothing is displayed. That's what's confusing me
  5. Useing the debugger, No Errors are picked up upon entering the 2nd Marker. Nothing happense. Not a single thing. Another thing is that it's posting the blips for all players. Here is the New code: function sendMessageOnPizzaStart ( player, seat, jacked) if ( getVehicleID ( source ) == 448 ) then outputChatBox ( "Press F2 to Begin Pizza Delivery" , player) bindKey ( player, "F2", "down", pizzaDeliveryHandler) end end function pizzaDeliveryHandler ( source, key, keystate ) pbplace = createBlip (-1807.4569,944.3589,24.8906, 29,2,255,0,0,255,0,
  6. I've done that. The Marker now works, i can proceeed to the second Marker. But am now having issues with that which i am about to look at.
  7. I cannot see why it does not know pplace. Could you suggest how i could overcome this?
  8. Well I am the Co-Scripter for TRSA and we are having trouble with our automated Job, Pizza Delivery. Well. When you get on the Bike you get a message saying press F2 to begin delivering Pizza. You press that you get another message saying go collect the pizza from the shop. The Blip and Marker are displayed but when you arrive at the Marker nothing happens. it is meant to be deleted another bit of text saying go to the customer and a new marker. But it doesn't. Me and the other Scripter have been Fiddling and Testing for the past 2 hours to no success. Please Could someone help. Here is th
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