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  1. thats all from me, ill be back on christmas to see if its windows 98 compatible, good luck with 2.0
  2. u can't just say tell them to upgrade, many ppl use windows 98 cause they are used to it and its real simple,by the look of xp i think it is difficult
  3. that, sux. this aint like cs on a uk2 server.
  4. so i take it as the windows 98 bug have not been fixed
  5. is the windows 98 bug fixed? i want to play this..
  6. oooook, i can confim that statement is true, i even cut out a picture and i can see the smoke of the uzi and also the lines when u shoot a bullet, and i also can see the map and it states that there is only one person there so its not a person on a car and shooting as some people might think, i would love to show you the picture but i can't see andything saying upload picture, and i don't have an ftp
  7. i just noticed that at the last 3 or 4 seconds of that clip, u see that police car "which is what it looked like" and u see the player with the Diaz skin on actually standing up while driving and shooting with a uzi. ill edit as soon as i make sure that is true.
  8. lol! u should be happy that 250+ ppl read this, otherwise u wouldn't have ANY reply at all.
  9. well windows 98 is second ^^ woohooo we rock
  10. lol!! no thx im very happy with my windows 98se, and i recommend it to every gamer out there! go get 98!! and u xp users, shame on u suckers!!
  11. lol, nearly 90% of the gamers use windows 98 (w98se) because it does NOT use alot of memory, thats why i personnaly use windows 98se because i get advantage in games, but disadvantage on actually working on the pc such as writting on word etc, i do get crashes but hardly EVER in games, windows xp is a good os, but it DOES waste some memory/speed what ever u want to call it, go read reviews about changing os and the advantages and disadvantages, my friend tried xp and windows 98 and he got nearly 40% more fps by using windows 98. these days the windows 98 is used by people that want to get the
  12. can you tell us what is planned in the next release so far? just give us some details please.
  13. ooooook, when i connect it goes smoothly, i start vice city and start game and enter really smoothly, then after a short period like 5secs i get disconnected and it says connection to server time out then i reconnect and the same thing happens again
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