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  1. Hey NooB, SuN*/Orignal/Stealer/Fake Scripter Can u tell me one way how we can hack your server ? u are a Noob suN And i can also make a fake chat like this http://i54.tinypic.com/2vj6ivr.png So ? Anything else ?
  2. BlackIN

    Fix it

    Not work's with Client
  3. BlackIN

    Fix it

    local g_screenX,g_screenY = guiGetScreenSize() local ghostState = "off" addEvent("setGhostModeState", true) addEventHandler("setGhostModeState", getRootElement(), function(state) ghostState = state end ) function ghostState() outlinesize = 1 if ghostState == "off" then if outlinesize > 0 then for offsetX = - outlinesize, outlinesize, outlinesize do for offsetY = - outlinesize, outlinesize, outlinesize do drawColor("#000000Ghostmode: OFF", (350/800*sx)+offsetX, (50/600)*sy+offsetY, sx, sy, toc
  4. i know the uploader is from ddc [[i am from DDC, but i won't give you my real mtanick. im not stupid i got this maps from a guy called Edonkey.]] Please tell us when we get the famous script Sidebar ?
  5. Nice maps .........Thanks for these maps P.S - Don't Try to Fuck With SHC//
  6. Hello Guyz i Wanted to know when a Respawn map comes then One message Comes You Will Be Respawn In : 5 Sec i want to colour that......so anyone can tell me which file i need to edit for that ?
  7. LOL Mondim what Maps u removed ? And Maximum scripts of your server is Stolen like in top right in Blue Colour Script Is Stolen from UA-Kodiak Server And u Dnt even remove MAPS and u are using a steal resources Community /facepalm xG| xTreme Gays | Want Justice ? LOLZ
  8. We dint stole any SHC scripts.....WE ALL KNOWS HAMA STEAL THAT AND GIVE IT TO ALL And [GameR is old SG member he try join XG with stole scripts from SG ROFL!] FU Mondim u ask me Thousand times that Join XG.....Please Please I join XG then And [stats System - Maked by cadu and pr0 old xg members and they make for us! And how FG have it? Nice stole!] I dint stole u give me [REMEMBER] In front Of Pr0racer....So Keep Your Fucking Mouth Closed And u Got Asia Hacked Map Pack........Which u Give me Also So u are Running Stolen Maps .......
  9. I know Very Well u wrote this Spectators script.....But it is Not Coloured and the nick name dont get in coloured Only AG clan is the only clan which have that spectator script....And get hacked AG~ Spectators ~[FG]~GameR xG| Spectators ~[FG]~GameR Your script Zango- People spectating you ~[FG]~Gamer There is lot of diffrence b/w them
  10. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=10823 Speedometer is isn't Stolen Check Above Link
  11. Hello Ab-Normal ( Mentally Retard) Simon, As i Says to You WE DIN'T STOLE ANY RETARD MAP OF YOURS SEE THIS- [5/4/2011 5:56:31 PM] Henk: ok [5/4/2011 5:56:37 PM] Henk: but you give your own pack than? [5/4/2011 5:56:55 PM] Henk: http://www.mediafire.com/?wnv855gnc58nc8k [5/4/2011 5:56:56 PM] Henk: go here [5/4/2011 5:56:59 PM] Henk: password = henk These are SW maps [5/4/2011 5:57:02 PM] Henk: no sorry [5/4/2011 5:57:04 PM] Henk: its kermis [5/4/2011 5:59:30 PM] Henk: give yours pls [5/4/2011 6:01:30 PM] Henk: how long take's the download? [5/4/2011 6:58:15 PM] Henk: give your maps p
  12. Mondim Your Spectators Are Stolen From AG- And u Just Change The Spectator Colour And These are Not your script Fucker These Scripts are made by Timic And Only One Script [ Failed ] Is running in our server ........ And One More things The Maps u Are Running That is Stolen From UA (Old Clan of Koidak) So I think u should Remove them The XG whole Server - Maps (Stolen),Script (Some Stolen) And More Things So u cant Blame To any Other Clan......
  13. Just give me idea what to do in it ?
  14. How to set blip ......i m not getting you.........
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