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  1. lazy! -.-'' Mta ftw! /me slaps [FMJ]toady :')
  2. virtual machine.... what do u mean like, i.e backtrack 3 thanks agian town! SugarD-x i was just wondering mate for monitoring purposes :'') an thx ppl
  3. hi i was just wondering if u could run two 0.5 clients connected to 2 diffrent servers thx the possibilities are end less
  4. yea, its working however i do see it the mta0.x list edit!! yeaaaa man! sorry about the late responce thx Towncivilian http://www.game-monitor.com/mta_GameSer ... -BooM.html
  5. 1 more thing what about filters? do they matter newbie here thx agian edit** Servers playing vice city map
  6. it works and i dont know where to post but how do i add my server to the list forwarded port port 2003 if u manully need to do it thx c)
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