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  1. LiamDW

    VCLG Question

    I know if u use VCLG too much your map will disappear. Someone told me u can fix it by put another .map thing.. But how i do this? Can someone explain?
  2. Well it's fixed now. I ment I was close to the Freeraom world.. and my map is DM so it gotto be on water. But I used an teleport and it works fine.
  3. Well, I started my map and it is one minute now. But i started on the water and I'm now close to San Andreas (city). I dont know how to turn nice.. Can someone give me an idea? Liam.
  4. Added you on Skype:) ~[MNS]~ (midnight stunters) clan needs a Photoshopper
  5. LiamDW


    Every time I try to test my map it doesnt work and says something with a beep (lol) Than BR~GUI told me that i had to uninstall MTA and than install again. It worked but after that my MTA ruined up? I did it, but after a few times it said: core.xml (or something) can't install. So i couldnt play MTA. It only worked on 1.0.1. So I run on 1.0.1 now, but still can't test my map. Help?
  6. Lol. Ye, those are nighttime objects. And used in many maps
  7. Ik weet de namen niet exact Zoek op: Bally: En dan ballypllr1 Zoek op: Bally: En dan dat ene gebouw Zoek op: Mirage: En dan Miragebuild Zoek op: Luxor: En dan luxorpillar Zoek op: trd: En dan trdpillar Zoek op: vgncarshade Zoek op: cs_roadbridge01 of 04 Zoek op: vgehshade
  8. /UA/ is a clan, dont use that name? (if it's your clan name, change it, lol)
  9. Someone here made me jealous.
  10. LiamDW

    DM Map Tool?

    RCG, Make a hill, than press X and Rotate, doesnt work fine for me, but use rcg1.8, work for the most people (doesnt work with rcg 1.6)
  11. LiamDW

    DM Map Tool?

    VCLG Venoms Carshade Loop Generator Dont use to it too much because it will delete your map You just can make loops with it, on FFS forum Venom said he was busy with a Wallride generator.
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