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  1. If this could help you guys... I use Win2K SP4 DirectX 9 After installing those vb6 files the 10054 and 10047 errors dissapeared... I never had the 126 error so I can't tell you guys if it fixes that...
  2. You'll find it here: http://www.udpsoft.com/eye2/index.html
  3. No other mods than MTA Patched to v1.1. Some of those screenshots under the screenshot forum shows that there are servers with more than 5 players on.
  4. I can't get LAN to work... My LAN friend gets run-time error... But then I created an ASE server and suddenly someone connected... He was warping around so I never really met him...
  5. YES IT DOES WORK.... Before I installed vb6runtime i got run-time error 10054 and 10047.. After I installed vb6runtime I do not get any errors.... Thats how it is and were I don't care what you say.... IT WORKS FOR ME
  6. look here (SOLUTION): http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?p=11407#11407
  7. SOLUTION!!!!!: I just looked through all the other post and I see you are telling everywhere to download this: http://download.microsoft.com/download/vba6/Utility/1/WIN98/EN-US/vbrun60sp3.EXE Yep... VB Runtime files... fixed both of previously posted problems...
  8. also when i press the request game button i get runtime error 10047. Address family not supported. I did a forum search and found another post with other ppl having some other problems.
  9. By the way.... the other post you linked to wasn't posted when i started writing my own...(you fucking idiot)
  10. I did search for run time error. I did search for 10054. You are a fucking Idiot because that's language is not gonna get alot of customers.
  11. I wanted to start a LAN game. And this was what I did: 1) patch GTA3 to v.1.1. 2) Install GTA3 MTA 0.3. 3) Opened launcher.exe. Clicked Configure Server button. 4) Typed "TheCyborg" in server name. Max players 2. Port 2003. Disable ASE. Save Settings & launch server. 5) The server didn't launch so i did manually with the "Launch Server" button on the launcher. 4) Pressed "GTA3 MTA" on the launcher. Stated game and saw the credits. 5) pressed Alt-TAB to get to MTA 6) Typed in "TheCyborg" as nick. set IP to port 2003. Connection speed 512KB (it's on 100Mbit LAN) 7) Then I
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