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  1. After the RGB colors or whatever was added to MTA, the colors past id 125 the so called Hidden Colors were unable to be used, I was just wondering if there is anyway to get them back, or am I just a noob and dunno how to access them again. (This is on a RP server without the RGB GUI and just a setvehcolor command.)
  2. LV is even more spread out then LS.
  3. They had their reasons I guess, too much ddosing and stuff. VPS's aren't that expensive anyway.
  4. DOMVPS/No1Servers staff is helpful, in the future even tho I've only been with them for a very very short time I'd go with them anytime.
  5. THEY ARE NOT CLOSED, ONLY THEIR GAMING SERVERS WILL BE CLOSED, US server is closed already, UK server will be closed this week. Ok, their gaming servers are closed, what else do they do then? Don't say DOMVPS either.
  6. Yeah they are, there was an email sent out saying they would be closing due to ddos'ing. The US servers were shutdown straight away and the Europe servers will be gone in a week.
  7. Dazz

    Radical Gaming - Hacked

    Weren't your files, vG script anyway? Edit: Paradise I mean.
  8. Lololol hacked, definatley not hacked, they were given away then sold.
  9. I'm guessing its for vG, and it's an in game command if I remember correctly.
  10. LA Noire didn't have multiplayer ;D, but your point is true.
  11. Lol dude, Police will laugh in your face if you call them about someone hacking an MTA server, they won't even know what your talking about they'll be like "MTA? lolwtf is that gtfo".
  12. This is why the MTA RP scene is completely fucked all these servers set bad examples for new ones or they just hack them to shit, thats why their RP servers fail in the first place we saw it with Ventro and Virtua now (even tho it wasn't virtua who hacked it was members who were trying to make virtua look good) and the MTA RP scene is ran by 12 year old kids whos parents should have spanked them before they turned into psycho shits.
  13. It's an easteregg of sorts it gets rid of the wheels and shock abosorbers of the NRG and turns it into a Star Wars-esqe Speeder Bike thing.
  14. Because he doesn't wanna steal those scripts, in most cases if you get a free server hoster then they will make a copy of your scripts for their own and sell them or start another server with them, making your server pointless.
  15. Lol too bad a multiplayer modification cant change graphics...., jesus some people demand too much.
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