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  1. The script is my own, and you was right, it was a cancelevent - But is was called in my interior script, I have no idea why I had placed it at the first place. Might have been a test to see some other function Thanks for the help, Im quite sure I never would had thought about a simple cancelevent
  2. I have found out, that when I enter an interior, the vehicles become unable to enter, if I restart the interior res, I can enter the vehicles again, until I enter a interior I have checked the interior system, and found no cancelevent there could do this All server vehicles are server side created.
  3. Hello out there. I have a strange problem with my MTA. I have my own server, where i do some scripting, and stuff. When I login I am able to enter vehicles, but after some time Im not able to enter any vehicles. When I press F or G, nothings happens, like the vehicle is not near me. I have tried to restart the resources, but it does not help. The only way I can enter, is relogging, then all works fine. Im not sure if it is a server problem, or what it is. I hope a bright head can help me out here
  4. Hello I have a really wired problem with my server. The server takes exactly 2 hours to start up, I have a copy of the server on my main PC (Win 7 x64), and there is no problems, it starts and run without any issues. But when I upload the same files to my VPS (Win 2012 R2 x64), then the server starts, and then I get this: [08:28:47] Starting resources...... [08:28:47] Please wait... And then it hangs, but after exactly 2 hours, the servers unfreezes, and runs as planed. Now, my question, what the damn makes the server take that long? And why on the VPS? And not on my PC? It does not consume alot of RAM or CPU - I really have no clue, bit I sure think it´s weird
  5. Superb! Because now when I cannot get help from you, I stop the server, and delete anything from VG. Or not.. Thanks for the help, and thanks for being cocky - You deserve a medal for you effort against the leaked VG Scripts.
  6. Hello out there! And happy New Year I have a small problem with my gate system. The gates shall be opened with a item (ID 98 - Remote) And the remote must have the right variable to open the gate. But the ting is, if you have more that one remote, the script only checks the first remote to see if the variable is right, and not the second remote. I have tried to fix the issue, but I need some help. Gate Script Code removed. Global Code removed. I really hope someone can help me with the problem. A huge thanks in advance <3
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