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  1. port 2003 or what? got that one under server ip in the mta console ima real noob to this
  2. ^hmm i connect to 192.168.xxx.xxx but when xxx the ip is, it cant be everything of my ip.. my ip is (for example ) : 123.46.789.436 then the ip should be or what? kinda long sorry im a newb to all this and no one of us uses a firewall
  3. Hi again Ok, we are 2 guys here... we wanna play via LAN.. one of us starts dedicated server, starts game, alt+tabs, connects to and is in the game... then i try to connect to him, it never works.. i tried to connect to and to his IP.. always saying "The connection is reset by remote side" ... maybe i should say we both got same ip, because of a HUB... anything we can do? plz help
  4. hmm now when i alt+tab and click "send game request" an error wwindow pops up "Adress family not supported" damn n e ting i can do?
  5. ok, i did reinstall everything now, it works now thanks guys
  6. Got XP and i did restart... also got GTA version 1.1
  7. that doesnt work for me.. when im in the game and see the credits i press alt+tab but there is no console or something like that with "send game request" there's just the GTa3 Launcher like before
  8. hi guys me and my bro we want to play in network.. now i start the gta3 launcher and select GTA3 MTA and start a new MTA Game.. then i see those Credits.. what to do now? I tried Alt+Tab but all i see then is the launcher, not the console.. how can i start a LAN Game? Plz help me guys
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