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  1. Hello, I'm a new user to Multi Theft Auto and I need help finding a game, I downloaded the ASE, and when I try to find a game I have no luck and I need some help with MTA 0.5, can some one please help me. If so thanks in advance.
  2. D-Ice

    50 posts rule

    It wouldn't really matter to me anywayz. Hell I couldn't even join one now anywayz I'm rebuilding this old computer I'm on for my copy of GTA3 to function properly. So bout time I get thought hopefully I would have alteast 50.
  3. Ok Ok Now I get the point. And the screens where you posted jumping MrBump with the taxi was pretty good keep up the good work. And please do me a favor please don't ever talk like that again
  4. I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that, and why u gotta be like that anywayz hatin on me.
  5. Now that is tight as a mothafucker.
  6. Those are the best screens I've ever seen.
  7. Hello. I'm starting recruiting for the blackjacks. For Recriutment requirments please e-mail me at either Lil_One15151@blackplanet.com or dweezy13@yahoo.com Thanks for your time.
  8. D-Ice

    Marco's Bistro

    Well my gang(if I get some members and start it)will walk it's turf in Witcha Gardens and they will be based on the South Side Hoods(Redjacks and Purple Nines).
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