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  1. Has anyone figured out that stupid Socket Non block crap when your connected to server and hit tab to go into game?
  2. I finnaly have MTA installed but everytime i try to launch GTA3:MTA after clicking on a server on ASE it opens the game but tries to Install MTA again.
  3. So i take it since this isnt a regular problem nobody cares? To hell with the people who cant install it?
  4. The error signature is AppName: mta.exe AppVer: ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.0 Offset:0002e22a Ive posted this problem before but it doesnt seem to have been resolved. If you could help me out i would appreciate it. Its becoming a chore to keep downloading the installer time after time just to get an error. There isnt anything wrong with my GTA. It's up to date and evreything. Ive re-installed it twice. All it does is checks for GTA3 and then causes an error. Ive downloaded the installer off of Filefront and some other sites.
  5. Also. Ive used google and downloaded the damn installer many times from many places. Being 56k this is becoming a major pain in the ass. I would love a faster connection but thats not possible at the moment. Anyway If someone could plz send me a working installation file or link i would appreciate it. Otherwise could someone please find out how to fix this problem?
  6. Everytime i try to install it checks for GTA3 and then it just crashes due to some error...has anyone had this prob?
  7. well i can get the 0.2b to install. And as for the patches. I havent updated within a month or so. But i dont think that would stop me from being able to install this. Even if that is the cause...What patches would i need? Maybe i need a how to instruction on how to install lol. Ive downloaded the install from sevral diffrent places and i keep getting "Checking for GTA3" and then an error. I must be missing something. Either that or my computer just doesnt like GTA3
  8. Im using Windows XP. i have the 1.1 patch for GTA3
  9. Yea i noticed that also. Cant someone upload it somewhere? Along with a geniune install of MTA 3.0b for GTA3?
  10. I downloaded from the diffrent links. From one of them i got the install and a PDA file...i tried installing and it caused an error again. I dont understand what im doing wrong.
  11. Well i got it from Fileplanet...usally the files i get there arent corrupt. Can you recommends some dl links? Oh and do you have to have other versions of MTA installed?
  12. Ok this is the first time ive downloaded MTA. 3.0b for GTA3. Everytime i try to install the beta it causes an error and closes. Im not sure if its that runtime error you guys keep talking about. AppName: mta.exe AppVer: ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.114 Offset: 0000b13b is the error sig. Can someone help me out? Btw it happens after it starts to check for GTA3
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