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  1. http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=5297 when u downlaod it its not in .rar format,new players might not know how to use it,and expierenced ones - wouln't need it
  2. well this new " bug " i encounter is quite interesting one,when zombies run/walks/tries to catch me while being on ground/floor that has custom .col file,it starts to stress server a lot ,when i put them on usual gta object,while moving they do not lag at all and the same second they put their foots on modified object,with customized .col - lag begins ; any solutions ? i guess its more problematic than z script ,maybe has to do something with mta engine itself
  3. sounds great, il be back to my project then
  4. great to see that it works again but something is wrong with teams for me,does anyone have problems with teams too ? bots fight but they dont care its teammate or enemy they fight fight fight... u know -- mortal-kombat ;D edit im using 1.3
  5. its looks like u are using google translator atrodo kad naudoji google verteja nlb supratau tavo pasisakymo susitiko 2 lietuviai mta ir pradejo sneketi penkiese angliskai,vienas zalias kitas i kaire,...., lietuviu cia tiek pat kaip bananu ziema ant medziu
  6. u could "determinate" those jumps if u are making maps non stop and u are sure that the jump or anything like that will end in specific location ,but usualy u have to test each corner of ur map by urself even i two year with mta,after probobly +100 deadmatch style maps i havent made any race map, neither i played even a single race round,but still i am sure that u have to check it by urself and there is no way to "determinate it" ;D
  7. u have to post your version of script using ... your script .... ; otherway noone is going to give u already - created script that u ask for
  8. u mean they hit arrow or thing like that and they will receive a mesage in cahtbox that will say the next landing position ?>
  9. hey guys, well im asking for help cause i see such hmm nonsane first time in 2 years so everything was fine and then sudenly all moving objects lost theyr's collisions down here is one script from meny others,that was working before and now gates got "ghost door" function ;D i tried this isLowLOD: A bool value specifying if the object will be low LOD. A low LOD object has no collision and a longer draw distance. cacaca = createObject ( 2909, -2199.2, 1074.4, 60.3, 0, 0, 356, false ) lits like that ? if it is,then bool true or false does not change anything local ciec = cr
  10. thanks both of you, for the help
  11. yes i want this effect like someone is talking etc and people next to him can hear it ; with ur scripts i dont have any sounds playng at all when i type /c1 nothing happens
  12. server side function zalu1 () triggerClientEvent ( "ads1", getRootElement() ) end addCommandHandler ( "c1", zalu1 ) client side function copythat ( player ) local player = getLocalPlayer ( ) local Zx,Zy,Zz = getElementPosition( player ) local ef3 = playSound3D("sounds/copythat.wav", Zx, Zy, Zz, false) setSoundMaxDistance(ef3, 15) setSoundVolume(ef3, 0.5) end addEvent( "ads1", true ) addEventHandler( "ads1", getRootElement(), copythat ) hey everyone , so i want to make "voice comm
  13. Im mapping for more than one years ; now first time i see weird thing >> i can not open and save my maps i tried toreinstalled mta 3 times ; nothing ; maybe someone knows or had something similar ?.
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