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  1. WHAT ABOUT ME! I have american stuff, it does the same....
  2. I have the saame problem, I have have done everything correctly, i have WinXp. It woorks fine n another compuet of mine with XP and we both have no-cd patches so no-cd doesnt matter.
  3. Does anyone here kno where i can download GTA Vice City game saves so i can have access to the whole city? Thanks
  4. I have this problem when I try to start up GTA VC. The thing is, is that I have a Nvidia Geforce 3 with DirectX 9 installed.
  5. i see u get that blue shit to pop up in MTA also
  6. http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?t=1221
  7. so i can play on my dedicated server on the same comp as the dedicated server is playing of?
  8. just spend 100$ and get XP or some other OS since 98 is out of DATE I dont think they will fix the 98 stuff
  9. breakpoint


    i have 1.1 and cars still seem to pop out of ground and warp.
  10. yeah, sometimes players just walk slowly down the street in a bunch of 3 or so. No clue what does it, but disconect and reconnect to see players move.
  11. same occurs to me, i disconnect or dont see the other guy on the other comp on a net server.
  12. breakpoint


    yes, what u type is /in and then ur message to display ingame but u need to type it in that irc chat perogram thing on the MTA console. The text appears in the top left corner to other players. an example would be " /in Lets Go KILL!!!! "
  13. i hope we get some lag free servers, odd thing tho, street light hitting by another player knows the street light down
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