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  1. Thanks bro <3 In the meanwhile I've worked on some other maps in this kind of style but no re-makes, just unique ones. May update this topic soon for who is interrested
  2. Dayum I see so many people who are asking money for their maps.. You shouldn't ask for money because you made a map with a free map editor from a free multiplayer game. You should be mapping because you like to spend time on it or because you can help others with it and make them happy. You should be greatfull and proud when people even want to use your maps for their server.
  3. Uhmm what's wrong with this one? just click on: "Click here to start download from sendspace" Anyway.. if you want.. suggest me a other website, idk any other good free ones
  4. Hey guys.. I decided to leave MTA mainly so here are all my DM,DD,Assault,Roleplay maps for free and some scripts/designs/ideas for a few server DEATHMATCH & DESTRUCTION DERBY Youtube link to some of the map it's videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ... re=mh_lolz ASSAULT (Team-Deathmatch) Youtube link to some of the map it's videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B401n-jo ... YF7m8FG1lg ROLEPLAY (Videos of old project, screenshots of my new project are in the folder it's self) DL LINK TO THE MAPS and SCRIPTS & DESIGNS: (Scripts are made for me by
  5. Ye well.. I guess they will look even more like it when the textures are being modded... and I got limited objects at GTA SA so Anyway I never played Black Ops 2 so that's a no go idk.. maybe in the future I will make Modern Warfare 2 maps... or what ever.. I just gotta be sure someone can use it.. coz there goes alot of time into making these maps.
  6. Well thanks, it's nice to hear that! but probally I won't.. I had a time I made Roleplay maps... I had a time I made Team-Deathmatch maps.. I had a time I made [DM]-Race maps... Now I am onto the [DD] Race maps. But idk.. getting nice comments like thse can change my thoughts ofcourse, maybe I will get back to it.
  7. Hey guys. I have made these maps about 3 years ago for some SA:MP server... unfortnatly the server never finished.. So I decided to try out Sony Vegas and make a short introducion video for these maps. Also I have a topic with screenshots about those maps which I made about 2 years ago: viewtopic.php?f=93&t=31099 Since the maps are made for SA:MP, I haven't add any gamemod or spawnpoints. The cars inside the maps are there for decoration, if I am right there is a way to lock them. Feel free to subscribe, comment and rate the video. PS: I have used original textures of GTA:SA objec
  8. Hey guys I have recorded this video about my new DD map to practise Sony Vegas.. Well I know I forgot the /showhud [] and some of the clips are missing.. some great stunts Anyway I had problems with adding effects (video fx) to the clips.. so it became a clean video [] Hope I will be able to fix this problem so I can do more with my upcomming videos enjoy: - Roald
  9. Hey, here a new DD map of me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpuudgXm ... e=youtu.be
  10. Hey all I'd like to present my newest map feat moonlight "Assassins"
  11. Is this a joke? EDIT: Look, this is a prison; (made it a long time ago)
  12. I am also a graphic designer (just did exam) Anyway u could check my maps at this topic: viewtopic.php?f=93&t=44131 Show me some of ur work? what's ur nickname?
  13. Hey guys, Those maps are probally known to some of you but I just thought about posting videos of my DM maps here on the MTA SA forums aswell. I won't give those maps away, but you are able to buy them from me so I can use the money for my new server I am working on <3. (well probally lots of players have them already) [DM] Roald ft Marwin - Not from this World Well from 2:13 Marwin worked a litle on the track but even at his part I did the most my self [DM] Roald - Welcome to the Jungle! At that moment I was also known as "LiLArt", this is a pretty old map [DM] 3runner ft Roald~
  14. Dam Csena, this shit is hot!! I wanna make such a map with you aswell. It looks like a total different game
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