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  1. Thanks man Means a lot coming from you!
  2. Hey I wanted to show you guys a few of my maps aswell #1 H.E.R.E.T.1.C - A map I made together with CRYOSPHERE #2 Problem, Newton? #3 Las Venturas Backyard Driving
  3. I put 5-6 checkpoints after each gravity change to prevent exactly that from happening (ofc it can still happen if you really tried ) Gonna try what you suggested in a bit, thanks EDIT: Works great. Thanks a lot man mr. green might get a new map today
  4. Alright I need to pick this topic up again since I've got another problem... When the player dies during the map the gravity is normal again on respawn. I want the gravity to be the same as the one in the last colsphere so I did this: actioncol10 = createColSphere (-51.339508056641,331.89874267578,204.09896850586, 26 ) function col10i (kaka, matchingDimensions ) if kaka == getLocalPlayer() then theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(kaka) setVehicleGravity(theVehicle,0,0,-1) x,y,z = getVehicleGravity(theVehicle) -- gets the gravity so I can use it below end end addEventHandler("onClien
  5. Hey everyone I'm currently making a rollercoaster race map using the Roller Coaster Generator. I sometimes get invisible objects in the middle of the track during testing. It usually appears at one or two spots, and then on the next testdrive it is gone again. The object is completely invisible which means that I can't really even figure out what it is. Sometimes it feels like a wall and sometimes it feels like a ramp from one side. Kinda weird... Anybody ever had this and know how to solve this? EDIT: Nvm guys I think I fixed it myself.For anyone else having this problem: Remove all the
  6. works like a charm man...thanks alot!
  7. Nope, again Bad Argument @ EventHandler (most likely because of the rootElement)
  8. @Jumper: Doesn't work either (not even once like the other one) Bad Argument @ addEventHandler @Aiboforcen: What exactly do you mean by updating theVehicle variable? I'm struggeling to get something to work
  9. Jumper's script also worked once right now...he only had an error in the EventHandler (had to be getRootElement())
  10. Hey just tried it, doesn't work either Thank You for trying though! @Aiboforcen: Well he is in a vehicle (spawning in a vehicle, race mode) EDIT: Thought I'd let you guys know that the gravity change works with the colspheres I've made, I only need this to test the map basically since I had to split the map file in two parts
  11. Hey I'm kinda new to scripting so be easy on me here I got the following script: root=getRootElement() function grav () theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle( getLocalPlayer()) setVehicleGravity(theVehicle,0,1,0) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",root,grav) It's supposed to change the vehicles gravity to the value I've given. It has worked once (the very first time) but after that it didn't work anymore. Debug says "Bad Argument @ setVehicleGravity" I've tried literally anything but it doesn't want to work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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