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  1. thanks for all ya replyes, and thanks for the screenshot .. does vice city have a MP menu??? Answer to last post: The menus are not functional (thats what i hear)
  2. I looked on a post where some 1 said that there is a secrete multiplayer menu... it dnt work tho, but how can i see it.. i would like to see how it woulda looked thanks
  3. why cant u guys still program it in vb! eh! lol i know so much vb (And winsock too!) but hey, Good luck to whoever gets the job
  4. BIG problem with the admin tool - quite funny to, as u can take the p outta people If you type /me bla bla bla in the admin, it will pick a player in the game, and set it as there text, I dunno how it picks that person, if its random or whatever, But the /me /slap /bla bla bla commands should be banned in the admin tool! (Or /me does a admin message saying 'Admin thinks mta is cool!') or sumtin... just thought u would like to kno
  5. why not? lol well im sure if some 1 has got there hands free for some time maby some 1 could change some missions, Some of the best ones to be co-op missions (I have no knoledge of mta scripting, so i dont know how hard this will be, But i think its a great idea, Even if it was for 3 players.. it would be great)
  6. UPDATE: The client to server login has been a sucess, now its 100% safe What it ust to do was: 1) client connected 2) server sent client ENCRPTED username & password 3) client sorted out weather u could login or not and now, It does it a diffrent way.. and i aint gonna tell u lol Banned list wasnt working in the version that dan tested, And its working now.. The config file editor is very buggy, I didnt relise untill i started to edit the config file in diffrent ways.. this needs to be fixed big time So sorry folks, To be held back for a few more momnets And also sorry for not b
  7. Well guys the Good Things And Bad Things Between MTA And GtaT For a start, GtaT has synced Weather/Time/Parked Cars thats right, every parked car is synced with every player With a easy program, U can add cars to the game with the server scripts!.. Unlike MTA which lacks cars around the game The chat looks better, you can chat more! Player selection screen is good, Select from over 70+ chraters There was no lag - A dude from germany joined (UK SERVER) and he wasnt laggy, the car and running was so smooth All of the animations are done, even getting in/out cars! when you join a game, You
  8. Yes.. its real.. And its commin along well, I just need to finish the config file editing, as it has some bugs... also i am goin to update the client 2 server login, as its not safe, But other than that.. its goin really well.. I was hopeing to have it done by easter, but unfortanly i didnt, as college cought up to me... i will keep you posted, and hopfully lots of servers around the globe will be using this software
  9. Hey people, Im currently making a Super Server Admin... You will be able to edit these files and do these functions from a remote computer! 1) Edit the Config Files 2) Edit The Banned List 3) Shutdown Server 4) Restart Sever 5) Start Server (Even if It Has Been Shutdown) 6) Encrption When Data is Sent 7) Clients Have To Login This software uses Winsock, with a stable connection to the server (Not Mta Server) using TCP, currently the connection is 90% stable, (Not everything is 100% stable I will keep you posted on improvments and release dates
  10. Here is a little list More cars, There aint enough, you find yourself running for 50 miles to get to a vehicle Sync the apache (Hunter) hehehehe Have in the server settings a enable map mods setting, I thought that this would be good, as i personally dont think that map mods are cheating, There just for fun! Stunt Mode, More Ramps n stuff! (Use MooMapper) Sync The Time (DO THIS FIRST hehe) / Weather (VERY IMPORTANT, Unfair when being chased, and it rains on your screen!) / Radio, You have to do this! Friend says, Should have boats (But i have heard that they make MTA crash, Not to sure
  11. Ive been trying for hours to try to connect a program im makeing (MTA Server Bot) to your 0.2.2 vice city server!! but it wont connect, sais connection is forcefully rejected Ive tryed UDP too... and nuting happens Would you be able to tell me stuff like, what the port is (If you add numbers on to it) and also, how to chat, or send admin messages I use Visual Basic 6.0 Entprise edition... and ive been useing winsock If you could do this, i will make a nice little bot for you, and you could put it on your website if u wanted! Thanks AlienX Software
  12. Yea death messages would be cool... because when u kill some 1 it takes a little while for the game to update and there acctually running back to there spawn location... and suddenly they teleport lol.. funny So knoweing that you killed some 1 Would be REALLY COOL!... I know it wont take long.. prehaps just in the winsock_dataarival have something that will know that the data is a death message like: dim data as string data = Mid(data,1,3) and if winsock sent something like >>>PLAYER just died! you can see that its the command to send it to the game... So after that winsock1.get
  13. Will other islands be accessable... Well lets say working?... as when you pass the bridge it fecks up like crazy ... Also on the 2nd island i think i found a car where i could get in the back of it and the passenger side.. Thats cool ..except i coudnet get in the driver side.. About that will there be other plaers alloweing to get in to the same car... That would be AMAZING!
  14. Well the only thing you could use... is the stuff on the numpad side... like speedup and fly.. that dont feck the game... Its funny if u go at full speed and wack some 1 ... they go flying lol
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