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  1. So how is MTA support on Windows 10? Has anybody tried it and would like to tell us their experience? Does it run normally? Are there any crashes?
  2. Thanks for the reply You where right I looked in the "Scoreboard" resource folder and couldn't find the flag images The question is: which resource actually has the flags? Also, changing it for myself will make the change only visible to me and to the people that visit my server
  3. Hi all I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this request (tell me if it's the wrong place) Please update the flag of Libya in the scoreboard resource. It still displays the old green flag Thanks in advance
  4. the resource was installed with MTA by default I would've expected it to work like a charm
  5. hi all I'm experiencing a problem with the hay resource When I start the resource, it gives me an error as in the screenshot below, when I join the server, I doesn't spawn me anywhere. so I ran the server without it and started the resources later (after I'm spawned) but the haystack seems to be nowhere in the map I changed the function names as it suggested in the console both manually and using the "upgrade hay" command but that results in a bigger problem and the resources refuses to start all together and the console enters and infinite loop as in the screenshot below [edit] from w
  6. Sorry about the big text I'm using default gamemode
  7. Hi Guys I'm new and i'm still a beginner. I want to know how to set the spawn point in my server. I want 2 spawn points. one for admins and one for other players. PLZ show me the exact file to edit and what I type. Thanks guys
  8. AgEnT x19

    Hydra Stunts

    Yes, That's because i'm still a beginner
  9. AgEnT x19

    Hydra Stunts

    Hi Guys This is my first post. I hope you like this video. PLZ comment
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